Flight of the Doodly Birds!

This projects is just flying at the moment thanks to Alex being away for a couple of hours this afternoon…….

Here you can see all the letters cut out and ready to be “bonda webbed” to the pendants.


Next they get ironed on to stick in place… remember a hot iron is needed here BUT place a cloth over them just for protection…






The Finials and the centre piece .. the ends are a copy of Lynn’s designs but the middle one is my little stamp of personality for the project .. an owl.




They still need to have the definition stitched into place.. and eyes of course!


And now  my own Little Doodly Dove. One of a pair which visit my garden every day to share crumbs and seeds .

I adore birds and more so wild birds that visit … and No Vet Fees!!




Anyway, let me know if you have any further ideas for the Doodly Project Lynn.


Sending you all Olympiad Crotchetier Queens an enormous hug.




15 thoughts on “Flight of the Doodly Birds!

  1. Oh Helen I am so excited about the DOODLY BIRD BUNTING that I am all of a flutter like the little Doodlies. It looks so fantastic. I wish I lived nearer and could come round and give you a big hug. Thank you. It is going to brilliant on my stall.
    Lynn x x x

  2. They’re lovely, Helen. Thanks for sharing! Sorry I haven’t popped by recently- I’ve been so busy and we’ve been away too. Hope all’s going well for you. Maggie xx

  3. Oh Helen, these are gorgeous my speedy fingered friend! 😀 The colours are a delight and those birds are simply perfect 🙂 I’m so excited to see their progress and know Lynn will be thrilled to little bits with them 😀
    I too love to see wild birds and always take time to point them out on our walks and stop to listen as well as ‘smell the roses’. I chuckled a little when I saw your pigeon picture – do you know they are all called ‘Bob’? hahahaha
    That is what my wee 5year old has named them….. “But what if it’s a girl bird?”
    “They’re still Bob. They’re all called Bob!” 😀

  4. Helen I love your birds they are perfect in fact the whole project looks very professional you clever thing, Lynn is going to be thrilled to bits. I love watching the birds in my garden too, I used to have a couple of Doves but haven’t seen them in a while, there are plenty of pigeons though, the bird table practically tips over when they land they are so fat and well fed 🙂

    1. Hahaah, I giggled with your comment of fat birds… I really love the visitors that come to my garden, I’ve even got a couple of thieving squirels that rob me of my nuts… I’ve now placed all my nuts and seeds in the house!

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