Super Saturday, Soggy Sunday and Windy Monday!

At long last the Doodly Birds flew their way up North into the gentle hands of Lynn .. I understand she’s really pleased with the result and couldn’t wait to have them put on show on her stall .


Lynn’s Doodly Birds Stall full of all her Doodly Goodies.


You can personally visit Lynn on one of many exhibition days or why not visit her “virtual 24 hr store online”! linked here… she has lots of goodies on offer at excellent prices.

As for me, I’m sitting on my idle hands at the moment making a few African flowers to pass the time away. I’ve been considering making a bag for my niece to take up to University with her.


And wondering if  we are ever going to get another chance to enjoy the good old outdoors again.. floods have effected many parts of the country again and the only comfort I get is sitting under my gazebo at night watching my lights and my bunting flapping in the wind.


So lets finish on a sweet note of muffins made with Belgian chocolate and love


Yummy… link here for recipe .. mixed, baked and eaten within half an hour!!!

Have a great rest of the week xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx helen xxxxxxxxxxxxx


12 thoughts on “Super Saturday, Soggy Sunday and Windy Monday!

  1. I hope you are away from the flooded areas in your part of Cardiff Helen 😉
    The Doodly Bird bunting is just fabulous!! 😀 I also love the bunting you have around your gazebo – very colourful 🙂 Also, from what I can see, you have a beautiful garden there full of colourful shrubs and trees 😉 You’re a wonderful baker Helen, those muffins look so lush! I’m not surprised they went quickly 😉
    Mo xx

    1. Hiya Mo,

      Thank for all your lovely comments about the bunting… Lynn was very very pleased with it and sent me a generous cheque as a thanks too!… My garden is lovely indeed, I’ve also got some wild black berries growing too.

      The family came over and demolished the rest of the muffins today… should I make more?? xxx sending you oddles of smiles x

  2. Dear Helen thank you for all your kindness in making me my wonderful Doodly Bird bunting and for being a great agent for the Doodly Bird shop. You are a star.
    Ive just done a posting on my new Team DB bunting over on my blog.
    Lynn x x x
    ps there is something in the post for you

  3. deffo going to learn to make this stitch. am looking forward to coming up to see you soon. hope your boys are fine. everything beautiful as normal.

      1. Coffee is always on Helen..”Life without yarn is like a pot without coffee ” 🙂 Sending hugs back to you from sunny California.. Have a Fabulous Day!!!

  4. Just gorgeous Helen the bunting . It sure looks good for Lynn’s stall.
    Sorry to hear that there is flooding that is terrible.
    Love your African flower hexagons.
    I started working on one and than I told myself first finish what you are doing.
    Love that design but it was nog easy.
    Love your back yard it looks so cheery.
    Our aircondition went out and needed a new motor we only had it 1.5 years. It was 84 degrees in teh house and I sure appreciate the aircondition more.

    Sending you hugs , love. and some of our sunshine.

    1. My Yoka.. I am lucky to have such a lovely new place to enjoy with Alex now.. I love the garden and all the surpises I get from new plants and birds.. not the slugs though as they have eaten all my marigolds this year!

      The flowers are going to made into a bag for my neice although I have changed the colours now.. you’ll soon see the finished item x

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