A free Creative Social Group

Grrrrr, it’s been one weeks where I’ve made plans and something has happened to “rain on my parade” shall we say.. however, I did manage to meet up with a good friend of mine and although I was late getting there I made it!

My good friend is  June and her husband Paul who have formed a craft group in Cardiff . 

This is the post I promised you to read all about when I joined the group. So now over to June and her husband Paul and a peek at the wonderful things they knit and donate…


This is the website : www.creative-crafts-cardiff.co.uk        

The group meets every fortnight on a Wednesday night at Chapter Arts Centre Canton from 6.00 till when you are ready to leave.

We are called creative-crafts-cardiff and we do all types of craft from knitting,sewing,crochet,jewellery making,drawing.cardmaking,scrapbooking. Our aim is to get a group together who enjoy crafting and socialising at the same time and share their knowledge and have the pleasure of making projects together.
We also knit and crochet for a charity called Latch for Christmas and all the knitted toys will be delivered to the hospital at christmas time for the children. The reason why I have choosen this charity is as I had cancer twice and my mother had cancer and sadly died from it. It is bad as an adult having cancer but I believe it must be ten times worse for a child to go through it, so giving the children a knitted toy may help them as a comforter.
The group plans to go to craft fairs in October,to Birmingham and also any local fairs. Also next year to Wonderwool. Every couple of months we plan to meet up for a night out. When it is nice weather a picnic in the park and bring your craft materials as well.
We hope everyone enjoys the meetings and makes friends along the way and just have fun.

It is all free and no commitment to come along all the time just when you feel like.
Many thanks.


            www.creative-crafts-cardiff.co.uk – A free creative social group


Certainly, should you wish to donate anything yourselves then please contact June via the link above or drop me a line.


Sending you all my very best wishes till my next post.

helen x




11 thoughts on “A free Creative Social Group

  1. That sure sounds like a wonderful group.
    The children must be so excited to receive a toy on Christmas. There is nothing better than giving . I so agree it must be much worse if you are a child with Cancer.
    Thanks so much for sharing this Helen.
    Our group also donates hundreds of quilts,Hearts to help to lay your arm on while receiving cancer treatment. We also raise food and clothing for the Holiday and money at every meeting.It makes you feel so wonderful.

    Hugs and lots of love to you Helen and all the wonderful ladies.

    xoxoxoxoxo ,Yoka

    1. Life is too short as it is Yoka, I’m sure the children will enjoy all that they recieve … why not let us know the link to your groups too should anyone else chose to donate to that charity too xxx a zillion hugs right back at yer! xxxx

  2. What a lovely post paying tribute to but also giving a voice to a very worthy group 😀 I hope you enjoy going, sharing your love of and talent in all things crochet 🙂
    If anyone would like some wool to make a toy or two I have some I am willing to donate. It is DK in rainbow colours – that is, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, ‘Indigo’ Violet.
    ttfn 😉
    Mo x

    1. hi thanks for the nice reply my name is june i am helens friend the lady who is doing the craft group, and i would be very grateful to receive any wool that you dont want. thank you

  3. It’s a wonderful project!
    I really love the blonde doll with the pink dress and the hat – I’m sure she and her fellows will be very appreciated assistants!


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