All the way from America!


This is the wonderful gift I received from one of my blog followers… Yoka. 

It came all the way from America!



 There are some amazing projects inside which are tickling my hook to make.. what do you think of this one?



I can see that on my nephews bed but perhaps in a graduation of blues… hmmmmm

Flickr and my blog have brought me so much closer to people, it’s quite bizarre in a way but so reassuring that there are still some very kind hearted folks out there… so thank you Yoka and thank you Mo for sending me Harvey on DVD, and thank you to June too for Alex’s glitter candle.. he’s given up trying to blow it out now!

Talking of giving,  its a sad but very proud moment for me regarding my niece. She’s going to be 20 years old tomorrow and knowing that she’s due to go on to University, I wanted to make her a gift that would be unique and give her something to remember the folks back home… remember my African flowers???


These turned in to this…….


The red polka dot lining is the same fabric my niece had a Minnie Mouse dress made from by my mother in law for a fancy dress party… I hasten to add she won the best dressed prize… so although the bag might not be much, it holds a few “home memories” for her to have whilst she’s away… and indeed I hope something that she can brag about it as being made just for her from  Aunty Helen.


Although I didn’t follow the pattern to the letter, especially the lining part, I’m really happy with it and will make another one in the future.

Pattern can be found here …

And lastly besides sending out my thanks to you all … I wanted to give you a little update on Alex.

After several set backs with a day centre placement, it looks like one will be available for Alex to attend! We are delighted for Alex as “home life” for him isn’t as stimulating as it could be, so he deserves to have a place where he could learn new skills and make new friends… but home to us after his work is done.

For us it means that we can perhaps catch up on some chores needed to be done around the house and perhaps a few extra hours of sleep too …. or perhaps some more hooky happiness!!!

Let me know what you’re all creating at the moment and what plans you all have for autumn projects… I’ve been looking at buying in a new pattern to play with.. tell you all about it next time.

Sending you all my very best .. lots of good health, happiness and peaceful sunny times .


Helen xxxx


17 thoughts on “All the way from America!

  1. Wow, Helen, a new book! I think this can be a step into a whole new world, as it is sometimes with new books.
    Imagine, I started sewing! Actually I’m working on my first dress. The whole process of planning, cutting and sewing is thrilling! I’m really exited.

    I hope for you and Alex that he will get the new job. Everybody needs a daily business. When will you know more about it?

    Oh, and I’m sure your niece will love Auntie Helen’s bag. I would.

    xx Natalie

    1. Hi Natalie.. a dress?? Wow, is that going to be for a special occasion?

      I dont have a sewing machine so I only sew when I can borrow my mum in laws machine… When Alex was a baby I made dungarees and cot sets with curtains but never a dress..

      Alex went off to Day centre today… happy days ahead!!

      Sending you huge hugs Natalie xx

      1. No, it’s gonna be a “just so” dress. I’ve gained weight over the past three years, so I needed new clothes for long. But my budget is very small because I work as a freelancer and things have been quite difficult in the last three years too. So I decided to buy a sewing machine and modify my old skirts and making new ones – and dresses. (I never wear trousers.) But I am still very new to this business!

        A huge hug from you – that’s what I need!

        🙂 Natalie

        PS: So good to hear from Alex!

    2. with lots of hope for a great dress and more work.. here are a thousand hugs

      ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( HUGS ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      Have a fab day my darling x xx xxx ( HUGS )

  2. Looks like a fabulous book! I’m working on so many projects at the moment including knitted gloves, crochet poncho (still!), holiday quilt to name but a few! So glad about Alex – hope it all works out with the day care as it sounds like a great solution for all of you. Maggie xx

    1. Hi Maggie… I’m going to pop over to your blog and have a peek at all those wonderful things you’re making.. And yes, with Alex at centre I’ll have more time to catch up with you all more consistantly xxx

  3. Hey there precious 😀 What a fabulous book and what a treasure Yoka is to send it to you 😉 Now you don’t need to buy in a new pattern, you have a book full of them hehe 🙂
    Your African Flower bag is so lovely and what a wonderful idea to add a lining that will bring back happy memories for your niece 🙂
    I hope you enjoy Harvey as much as I do 😉
    I will keep fingers crossed that the centre finally get it together for Alex to have a regular placement that he can rely on and enjoy; giving you and Richard precious time to do what you need to :0
    Sending loving Highland hugs 😀
    Mo xx

    1. Mo.. he went off today… I could not believe my eyes as to how keen he was to go in the bus.. I dont have to pick him up till 5, so I’m sat in the garden on my laptop having a coffee in peace and watching the birds and reading my crochet book!

      Sending you warm welsh hugs too xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Looks like things are getting better Helen. Maybe time soon for that haircut you’ve been promising yourself haha.
    You are such a clever lady that bag is gorgeous. Well done.
    I’ve been to see a very talented friend’s exhibition and I have to say she has inspired me to take up my own artwork again and we are going to have an exhibition together in 2014. I am more than a little excited by it.
    Enjoy your lovely book Helen.
    Love Lynn x x x

    1. Ohh Lynn, what a wonderful feeling you’re having.. I love that wave of enthusiasm one gets from inspiration and hope.. we are indeed lucky to be able to work with the things that we most love doing. .. cant wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve!…. haircut coming up soon!

      Lots of love to you Lynn x

  5. Hello Helen..Fabulous news for Alex, what great new friends and fun await him and oh he will have SO much to share with you at days end..such a good thing 🙂 Your African Flowers turned into a Beautiful purse for your niece, she must be over the moon in love with it!! Unexpected Afghans looks like a great book filled with oodles of ideas, I am going to have to get it myself, what a thoughtful gift you were given..Hope you are having a great day, it is a warm, sunny day here in San Diego, California..Hugs!!! Christie

    1. Hiya Christie,

      I’ve had a wonderful day thanks as I hope you have too… the book is fab. Alex has come home exhausted though and is relaxing in my bed at the moment.

      I’m very lucky at the moment Christie.. I’m surrounded with very positive people and vibes .. and more thanks to you for adding to them! x

      Sending you equally sunny days from wales to san diego too .. kiss kiss xxx

      1. Hello Helen,

        Glad to know that Alex is doing well and is exhausted from his day away, it is a good thing for all!! Has he shared his day with you?

        Aw thank you darling friend for your kind words 🙂 I am glad you have great people around women need that!!!

        Enjoy the rest of your week.. thanks for the kiss kiss!! Big Hugs too!!


  6. my dear Helen,

    have been on your blog but as you know I am not as good as you (at crochet) but I will try when I get back.

    great to hear about Alex and I see that you have so many good friends all over the world.

    am looking forward to seeing you, Alex and Richard. love the bag. beautiful

  7. So happy you like the crochet book Helen was hoping you would like it.
    What a wonderful bag you made from the African flower hexagons. Your niece will be thrilled and am happy to read that Alex likes the day care.Just wonderful that you will have some extra time to do things around the house and your corcheting.
    I finished today my paper pieced quilt top.Am just thrilled the way it turned out.
    Still need to shop for a border material and can’t wait to see it all finished and hanging in my hallway. Will start my beach quilt next.
    Still finishing my granny squires, lap blanket and have knitting scarf to finish With my crochet squires I will make doll quilts from for some little girls that I know.Plenty to do and enjoying it.
    Sending lots of love over the pond to you Helen.

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