Yet more Bunting Progress!!!


This is again for Lynn at Doodly Birds… I hope you like what you’re seeing…… so far.

And the finials


Have a great bank holiday.

With all my love and bestest of everything to you all .. Helen xxxxxxxxxxxx


12 thoughts on “Yet more Bunting Progress!!!

  1. Love it even more than the last one Helen, you are definitely an expert at making flowers what a lovely touch, my little collection is slowly growing maybe I will have a late summer trellis display, I need to make greenery and leaves now. 🙂

  2. I completely LOVE this Helen 😀 So very very pretty! 😀
    I reckon you could keep the wolf from the door making these Helen 😀

  3. Yet again some thing new….all ways busy busy little bee. everything that you put your hand to is GOOD. Everything beautiful.
    luv youxxxxxx

  4. Helen I love these .The yellow color with the flowers are so gorgeous.
    You do such beautiful work it is amazing all those even stitches. I agree with Linda your flowers are so beautiful .You are a expert crochter.
    Hope I get better at it as I learn.

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