A little bit of This and That

Gosh, its been a busy week with catching up on chores as Alex has had his first week at Day Centre. He seems happy to go and the poor lamb is a little lost as to what happening now that it’s the weekend. So.. seeing as there are far too many crowds out we’ve decided to have a stay at home with baking, cooking, eating and a little crochet. Why not


Above you’ll see how I’ve been cultivating my coriander and its sooooo lovely. I’ve added some smoked garlic chopped up  coriander,  lime juice and olive oil to those little chicken thighs and have left them to have a good marinating.

Along side that I baked a beautiful whole grain loaf with some sweet onion and sweet basil to flavour… the aroma if it baking was heavenly. It’s now been consumed with some home made vegetable soup with all this weeks left over’s thrown in.. again another out of this world dish created by Richard.


So what about crochet???? Ok.. Another little step closer to Lynn’s bunting made.. I’ve added some Boho beads and the letters.. very pretty indeed don’t you think!



All that is left is to crochet the pendants together and post off to Lynn.


Hope you’re enjoying the bank holiday.. chill and relax and take special special care all of yourselves.



12 thoughts on “A little bit of This and That

  1. Ooh that bread looks very scrummy Helen – can’t beat home made bread eh, but the trouble is I just eat & eat it so it’s a no-no for me just now and I’ve packed my bread-maker away for a while 😉
    Your coriander is looking really healthy and I love the pot it’s in. Is it metal? 🙂
    And of course your bunting is looking WONDERful!! The beads are gorgeous and the material is soo sweet 😀

    1. Hiya Mo.. I shouldn’t eat so much niether! I love growing herbs and often grow them from seeds but this year has been hard with all the rain and slugs!! so I AM proud of my coriander too. The pot is metal. I bought them from Asda’s.. last year I had some in baby pink too but the sun has bleached them.

      I’ve just finished the bunting.. Its looks so so feminine and sweet 🙂

      Sending hugs xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Helen ,
    Your Coriander looks so healthy it must get loveing attention and care.The bread looks great.I love homemade breads it just takes me too long to make it by hand. Next Months Rosh Hashanah is coming up and we always have a great lunch at our friends house every year after service. I bake Challah every year 2 of them in the round for the special lunch .Every year I asked what can I bring and every year it is Challah.
    you wrote about smoked garlic I never heardt of that before .Roasted garlic I make often.It is so jummy. Bet that chicken is wonderful.
    This bunting you made is my favorite one .Just stunning Helen.
    Is it also done with wool? Gorgeous.
    Hugs & love,


    1. Hi Yoka.. yes smoked garlic is actually placed in Oak barrels and smoked like you would a kipper for example.. the flavour is then quite intense and smooth at the same time.. is challah the plaited bread? I love that stuff and have had it many times at my friends house.. you too my good friend, have a brilliant Sunday.. hugs xxx OHHHH.. and the bunting is finished!xxx

  3. Oh it sounds as though you had a lovely day Helen….you’re making me hungry!! How on earth does your coriander stay so healthy, mine doesn’t last at all.
    I’m glad Alex is liking his new day school.
    The bunting is GORGEOUS…so girly and pretty, I love it. Have a lovely Sunday with your chaps, big kiss xxx

    1. I treat my plants like my children.. feed, water and speak nicley to them! heheheh

      Alex is doing well thanks Jane .. a little lost this weekend and spent all last night very restless but he’ll get used to the new routine soon enough.. how are your gorgeous grand daughters by the way?? .. much love to you xxxxxxxx

  4. Macy is going to love her bunting it is so her. You’ve found my downfall Helen – homemade bread I love good bread. Happy weekend to you. I’m getting some colours plans for two more buntings for Christmas. Be prepared to be busy mrs. Ruby and Blossom just getting my orders in before anyone else. X x x

    1. Ahh yes… my hips tell a story of a thousand loaves Lynn.. its my weakness too!

      Yipeee.. let me know what colours you’d like and I’ll get cracking on the pendants as soon as.. thanks very much Lynn… great Sunday to you xxxxx

  5. well its Monday already and I have just got your blog….didn’t go on pc yesterday!!!!!!

    again food looks good (enought to eat… ha ha) glad Alex is fine.
    herbs look well and loved and your bunting looks great as always. looks like that you are a very busy girl…..

    enjoy your Monday as well as the rest of the week.xxx xxx

  6. WOW… What a beautiful blog I came over from WOYWW post at Lynn doodle bird.. I have joined you as a follower to come back and adore your fabulous work… Hugs May x x x x

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