High on my Glue Gun!


Ohh my, I bet you’ve all been wondering where I have been and why I have been so quiet… well I’ve been given a fantastic commission from Lynn at Doodly Birds for Christmas orders for bunting… Nine of them!

I’m delighted to say the least and I’m open for any other orders if you wish.. just write to me here.


So due to my little demand I persuaded Richard that we needed to buy a hot glue gun. I’m in heaven with it.

The speed I can glue my flowers on my finials, including beads and sequins is brilliant.



I got mine for £16.99 from Staples including 2 glue sticks .. its a Loctite PXP 12.. Honestly for you girls that are perhaps into your card making or embellishments, it’s a must have item for the Santa list. It will save you hours of work and sewing. A great idea for my future wreath making as I find that pins can be a little risky with young children about.


Talking of which, Alex has been really enjoying his new placement at Day Centre.. he’s learning so many new things and has taken to jogging too! I’m totally amazed at the skills of the people who work with him. Its an amazing place with great facilities, right in the heart of the Cardiff Bay development.. where you’ll find one of these!



I love them but they spook Richard which I find hilarious.. and I’m convinced they are the right answer to a great source of planet saving energy.


But finally…I must not forget to thank My Mate Mo for a donation of a HUGE bag of yarns. THANK YOU MO… the girls were thrilled when they got them last night and I’m pleased to say that June is doing a great job of getting new members too.


June has chosen to create a KAL/CAL to make toys for the children’s unit.. We’ve chosen The Muppets and The Clangers… and here are the beginnings of my Elmo.

He’s adorable and the big red ball of wool is one of Mo’s with the plan to make many more to donate.



I also have to give a personal thanks to Mo as I was allowed to select  few yarns for myself too.. so I’ve kept a few ball ends to perhaps make a little bunting for her when “the little grand person” arrives on the scene…

Funny how I went for the pinks and lavenders… hmmm I wonder.


So, here’s to perhaps a more restful weekend to come.

Sending you all my bestest of everything.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Ps.. don’t forget to visit Lynn’s great Doodly Bird site for Xmas gift Ideas and little trinkets for your crochet




And June’s website to watch her progress on the Craft Group and charity details



10 thoughts on “High on my Glue Gun!

  1. Ahh cariad your bunting is gorgeous! (no surprise there) and Elmo is THE cutest of the Muppets in my opinion 😀
    I’m so glad your craft group can make use of some of the yarn and you some others 🙂 I like your colour choice 😉 Haha, the Clangers. I hope someone makes The Soup Dragon 😀
    i did chuckle about Richard & the power generator, or windmill as we call them – sorry Richard 😉
    Oh it’s lovely to hear Alex is doing so well, and jogging too! Good for him! That’ll tire him out 😉
    I hope you get lots of bunting orders my friend – keep you out of mischief, hehe (no time for that, I know) 😉
    Mo xxx

    1. Heheheh, Mo

      I love the Muppets and used Alex as an excuse to buy the new movie. Its fab if you haven’t seen it!

      I’m going to try and get Elmo finished today and make a clanger for the charity next… the last one I knitted had four arm holes, June couldn’t stop laughing.

      I’ll see if I can get someone to make the soup dragon next.. hahahah xxx

  2. was getting a bit worried, you not blogging……as always everything you do is fab.
    glad that Alex is ok and hope Richard is too…..
    be good and write more but then again you are doing all this beautiful work…..
    luv you Lenn xxx

  3. Hi Helen,

    Delighted to hear that Alex is enjoying the day care group and learning new things .That must be so exciting for you to see. Just wonderful news.

    I adore your Moppet that is so cute and the children will love it.They sure are cute and have been around so long. How sweet of Mo that she gave you yarn to use.
    Love your new glue gun I have one too but a smaller one.

    That is not really a windmill but we also have them in The Netherlands and so many. I love the real windmills and some even grind the wheat still or pup water.

    No wonder you had no time those are wonderful buntings you are making.
    Is it your own design? Never made any before in fact I never heard of buntings before till I saw yours. I sure love the ones you are making but you know that already.

    I started a new ripple blanket and finished the one with the blocks I showed you.
    It is going to the Jewish home in Jacksonville again like my other ones went.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend with Richard and Alex.

    Lots of hugs and love my dear friend, Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

    Love Yoka

    1. Aww thank you Yoka.. I cant wait to see your ripple blanket.. I have one on the go that is hibernating at the moment till I get more time to make it.

      I’m also working on making some christmas buntings.. would be able to suggest what symbols for jewish festivals I could use for celebration bunting too?

      Sending much love right back at you xxxxxxx

  4. Hi Helen,

    I can understand Richard! I also find those wind wheels – as we call them in German – creepy.
    Any new or finished projects? I’m curious!

    xxx Natalie

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