Elmo Lives In Cardiff

Say hello to Elmo.. he’s part of my fortnightly craft group to make toys for the children’s cancer ward at Christmas… now my toy making skills are not as brilliant as my “flat work” crochet so I suggested that I wanted to make Muppet Range.. That way if they looked “freaky” it would only add to the charm of the project! A cheat I know.. but all the family as well as those who have met Elmo in person are totally in love with him…. next on my knitting needles is a Clanger!!


As you know I’ve been working on Doodly Bird Lynn’s bunting over that few weeks and really enjoying it too. I’m not going to show you any of the work yet as I’d like to make a feature of my buntings and the new techniques I’ve learned for another blog.


So, if you work hard you have to play hard right?


My day off was today and although it was a late start this morning, Richard and I drove across to Western Super Mare..

Western Super Mud as we’ used to call it as kids, is the birth place of that nice man Jeffrey Archer: author, politician and convicted perjurer, as well as John Cleese and Richie Blackmore ( Deep Purple) for those of you are old Rock chicks!


The sun was out, there were lots of happy smiling faces and the sea was the typical brown slop of the Bristol Channel.. but it was a great day out and I just had to share it with you all.

Here’s how we made the most of our new found “our time” which is a much happier place for us in the knowledge  of Alex thoroughly enjoying his day at the Centre.


Heavens above… a blue sky!




Sun On Sea & Flat Holm Island




Yes, its a Purple Concrete Donkey!


Someone left behind from the weekend’s Hen Night I think!



Have a great week, full of happiness, smiles and lots of love xxxxxxxxxx


7 thoughts on “Elmo Lives In Cardiff

  1. just clicked in an low and behold its Helen with another blog. can’t get enough of them.

    elmo is beautiful as always Helen you make everything beautiful and you make them all look so easy (!)

    I love the photo of the queen in the window (very good)

    glad that you are enjoying your time with your darling……….and glad Alex is enjoying it too…..

    luv you all xxxxx

  2. Hi Helen,

    Your Elmo is adorable and the child who is lucky enough to get your Elmo will be thrilled for sure. So glad you and your Richard had a great day out.You deserve it.
    Your pictures look so interesting.
    Glad to hear Alex is still enjoying the group.

    Take care dear friend have a wonderful weekend.
    Love ,


  3. Elmo is so cute Helen any child would love him and what are you talking about your toy making skill not being brilliant of course they are he looks perfect to me. Looks like a great day out, lovely photo’s. Have a great a great week yourself xxx

  4. Elmo is sO very cute, and you are way too modest dear lady 😉 Your have such a natural skill for this yarn lark and we all love seeing what you produce 🙂 Your weather was so summery today, I’m glad you and your Richard got out and about to enjoy it 😀
    ttfn xx

  5. Hello Helen..

    What a lovely journey you and Richard had, nice that you can skip away and spend quality time together and know that Alex is fine and learning at the Centre 🙂 I loved seeing pictures of your day, made me feel like I was right there with you guys instead of here in the USA.. thanks for sharing!!

    Oh Elmo is Fantastic!! You did a Fabulous job, I love him, I showed your Elmo to my 22 year old son and he loved it too, he said you are really good 🙂

    Have a wonderful rest of your week..


    1. Hi Christie,

      I’m so pleased you liked the post … but I must confess that I giggled at your comment about being here in Western Super Mare instead of the USA!!! .. I don’t think there would be any comparison! heheheheh

      Watch this space for more Muppets coming up.. ie Cookie Monsters… me love cookies!

      Sending you warm welsh hugs xxxxx

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