Baking and Crochet…

Are just two of my most favourite things in life… but they are a zillion times better and tastier when handmade!

I was back at the Craft club last night only to buzz my way through the new faces coming to join in the fun. There is no end of yarnny talent here in Cardiff and each time I attend I’m stunned and humbled by the  knitted and crochet samples shown off in between endless diet cokes and coffee!

 Elmo, bless him, was given to the charity and blessed to be accompanied by a fine Panda made by one of the other members of the group… and I must not forget to mention, the fine knitting of a topsy-turvey doll made my June herself.

I can’t tell you enough times.. if there is a group near you ATTEND  … beware though.. be warned of the “yarn snobs”, test knitters or those who might like to bitch with every stitch! There are groups out there like that but if you’re confident to swim with sharks then please do join the fun of the Rivalry of Ravelry,…

 But if you’re like me and just want to join for the social side and have a little fun  you should persevere and try various meetings to ensure you find one that do like.


At our group, we don’t snob. we’re all keen to learn from each other, giggle and share top tips and gossip. I love it.


And look at the generosity of some members… the skills put into making this handmade card.. I nearly filled with tears when June gave it to me!


Also I was given a little daisy hanging that Alex will not let me touch at the moment.. so that’s proved to be a winner too!


Well, the latest bunting report is that the bunting orders are still coming in! I am making about about 3 a week now and have officially taken on a website which is still under construction to launch the bunting as a possible business!


So watch this space and I’ll let you know where you can find “whatalotabunting” soon!

So after all that rambling let me leave you with a nice dessert……….

Dulce and Banana Cake!


This my sweet hearted people has to be the most debaucherous, cheekiest , tastiest banana cake ever created!


Yes is does taste as good as it looks and it has to be said that the recipe came from the equally gorgeous, skinniest and sweetest queen of bakes on the TV at the moment .. Lorraine Pascal..

If you want to have a go here is the link…

Have a fantastic rest of the week full of all things perfect

xxxxxxxxxx Helen xxxxxxxxxxxx


6 thoughts on “Baking and Crochet…

  1. Hi Helen, sounds like you have fun at your group, there are no knitting groups near me but there is a quilting one which I thought might be fun, when I enquired I was told they have no room for new members, I felt quite hurt at that, but never mind. Helen I’m pleased you are getting so many orders but please be careful and don’t overdo it like I have my hands are so painful now I’m not doing any crocheting at all 😦 I (see my blog post) That cake looks so yummy you naughty girl temping me like that I have bookmarked it. Looking forward to seeing your new website, Take Care xx

  2. let me know when your next going? thanks Helen for being you and you know what I mean by that!!!!
    cake looks delish….
    luv you xxx

  3. Wish I was closer to you Helen. Your crafting group sounds so nice.
    We have a knitting group here but all they do is knit tiny baby caps. After you make a stack that gets very old. Might try making animals for kids that sounds like much more fun.

    Oy vey,Helen you did it again posting a wonderful cake. Am drooling already but I printed it because I often bring a cake or cookies to our quilting group on Friday morning sit and sew. A few of us are crocheting and I thaught one to knit .
    Missed the quilt show that we have once a year have been very sick all week. Still on antibiotics but passed my checkup so it is surgery for me on October 1.
    Will not be on line for a while can’t bend or lift anything for 14 days after the surgery.
    Lets hope I can crochet with my head up a little or I get bored very easy.
    Don’t work too hard my dear friend and hope you keep me in your prayers.


    1. Hi Yoka,

      not sure if you’re allowed to use the computer yet… we are all wishing and hoping all went well on your op and that you have a super speedy recovery.

      All our best wishes

      Helen and the gang x

      1. Thank you all very much for the well wishes.
        Am doing well and this is the first day that I turned the computer on.
        Am being spoiled by my friends from our synagogue sisterhood.
        They bring me wonderful meals.
        Am still not allowed to lift anything or bend my head down.
        Hope this coming Friday that the stitches will come out and that I can finally sleep on my side. Sleeping on my back propped up is not for me so I get only a few hours sleep but am napping in the daytime sometimes.
        Still seeing double a little but I hope in time that it will get better.
        My left eye looks normal again it is right in the middle like a normal eye.
        It will take 6 weeks to recover completely.
        Missed everyone very much and crocheting a little bit .
        Hope to be on line soon again.


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