What a lot of Bunting!!!!


Ahaha.. I bet you’ve been thinking that I have been doing nothing over these last few weeks. Well, as you can see not the case! I’ve been bust working on making up my bunting to complete my order for Doodly Lynn and indeed I had to take a photo before I bid farewell to them all.

Here are a few collages of the finials and some of the special personal touches I have added to them for you to see, including some badges I especially made for football fans!

PicMonkey Collage 1

PicMonkey Collage 2

AND, as well as working on this order I haven’t forgotten my work for the cancer children’s ward…. A CLANGER!!


So, I just want you all to remember that our dear friend Yoka is also having her operation today… so I wanted to wish her a speedy recovery and tell her that she is in our thoughts today xxxxxxxxxx


So now that of course the nights are drawing in and the winter woollies are a calling.. what tutorial would you like me to create for you??? I need some ideas from you!


Sending you all my love


xxxxxxxx helen xxxxxxxxx


10 thoughts on “What a lot of Bunting!!!!

  1. Oh Helen you made me laugh, the photo’s are fabulous and the buntings look so good. I can’t wait for them to arrive now. How happy are my little and not so little people going to be this Christmas. Thank you very much x x x

    I hope your friend is okay xx

  2. WoWee Helen these are all SO gorgeous!! 😀 You really have been such a busy bee and the wee Clanger is very cute! 😀
    I add my best wishes for Yoka too 🙂

  3. hope Yoko gets better very soon. good luck to her.
    I look forward so much to your blog. like I have said
    before whatever you do you do well. bunting great,
    clanger great, looking after Alex great……what else?

  4. Hi Helen.
    Catching up with all the emails that are in my email box.
    Yours always make me smile.
    Oh my stars, you have been busy it is unbelievable how much crocheting you can do ,run a house, take care of Alex & Richard ,and to top it all bake also.
    It all looks so beautiful and you put us all to shame.LOL.
    you my dear friend are a Mastere crocheter.
    Well done you amaze me all the time.

    Doing a little better with my eyes. It is slow going the brain has to catch up and that always takes a while I heard.
    Will email soon.
    Love Yoka

    1. As they say Yoka… best to keep hands busy and away from mischief… I hope to see you up and about feeling better soon… its must be an amazing experience for you to be able to see better.. god bless you xxxxxx

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