Toys and Tummy Giggles


I has to share this photo with you all.

These are the toys being made by the Craft Group which will be presented to the Children’s cancer Ward in December.


We had our meeting last night at The Chapter Art Centre where we spent most of the evening giggling and chuckling at silly jokes to the point where my tummy hurt! (Better than sit ups !)


If you’d like to donate any toys or yarn to the group then please contact through the following link


Sending you a less wet week and hopes of finding little  April Jones.

x Helen x


7 thoughts on “Toys and Tummy Giggles

  1. a short and sweet blog. great fun with the craft group. beautiful toys. beautiful people. every one should laugh and smile good for your heart and life. keep up the good work.
    congrats for your wedding ann. luvs you….

  2. Hi Helen,

    What a wonderful picture with all the toys for the children.
    It is a joy to the eyes .so cute and I can only imagine how thrilled they will be to receive a toy.That is a wonderful graft group.

    PS: Surgery is over on both eyes & the stiches come out this Friday.

    Love ,Yoka

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