Crafty Secrets!

Yes, I had my first taste of craft exhibitions here in Cardiff.. have I anything else to say. Not really!

PicMonkey Collage Craft

Besides loving the fact that I had a chance to visit the new football stadium and the free coffee,  the company I was with made  the greatest highlight of my whole day. It seems to be a common complaint that if your into your yarn, these exhibitions are not for you.

I felt that if I were a card maker, bead threader or stencil stamper then this would have been heaven for me…. but alas, not a single strand of wool, acrylic, hook nor needle was to be seen!

Thank heavens there was a Hobby Craft store across the road that was still open!

I’ll not be booking to go again but thanks to the excellent company of the girls who came with us and thanks to June for organising it all with the craft club ,it turned out to be enjoyable day.


I did buy a couple of beads and trinkets as you can see and met some lovely people that fed my imagination without starving my purse!

But now to positive things, I have been creating goodies for Lynn again! A KINGSIZE blanket.



Its going to look fab, fresh and snugly. I’m loving the look of it so far.. what do you think?

PicMonkey Collage blanket


Also my Lollo Bear… I really freaked when I run out of yarn but thank to  Hobby craft I found some similar yarn to finish off his arms and legs. He’s so adorable with his fluffy eyes (we cant use glass or solid eyes on the wards as they are a choking hazard) Its a good match eh! And my fab cruet set which I picked up at the charity shop.. isn’t it cheery!


PicMonkey Collage Teddy




And now an announcement..

the 10th Of October 2012 is my Silver Wedding Anniversary..

25 Years.

So to my beautiful husband who has given me a fantastic time of being married .. to the man who can still make me giggle like a teenager and to the man who helped me make our beautiful son Alex, I wish you a very happy, healthy and jolly anniversary.

And I promise to try and nag you less… its official!




Silver topped jam centred muffins and kisses to you


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


18 thoughts on “Crafty Secrets!

  1. Happy Anniversary Helen..wishing you and Richard many more blessed years full of sunshine and laughter !!
    Aw sorry the craft exhibition was not yarn friendly..”refund please” hee..hee! But your beads & trinkets are cute.. Love the blanket, fabulous colors!!! What a sweet Lollo Bear, you my dear are a gift, a true gift… I wish you lived next door to me here in California, oooh the trouble we could get into 🙂 Hitting all the yarn stores, crocheting away..aww the! I am attending a “tea-party luncheon” on Sunday, it’s an a appreciation luncheon for the volunteers (like me) that make afghans for the foster children of San Diego county..Have a beautiful day Helen..Hugs!!!

    1. hahahah, Christie, I think its fate that we live miles apart .. i reackon you and I could set the world on fire!!

      You’ll have to let us know hw your party was and link to a site where we could all have a peep at the wonderful work you do on your afghans.

      I send you a brilliant day and sunfilled weekend my dear dear friend .. you’re a ray of sunshine xxxxx

  2. Happy wedding anniversary to you both Helen, sending you very best wishes and many more happy years together. Your blanket is going to be lovely, I love the colours you have chosen, King Size!! I bet you still get your’s finished before me and I’ve been working on mine on and off for months haha take care. xx

  3. Happy wedding anniversary to you both Helen and Richard. Mazal Tov.
    I hope you have a wonderful day and many more blessed anniversaries in the future.
    Love that yearn Helen and teh cakes look fantastick that you baked.
    You nag Helen? I never seen that before.LOL.

    For those living here in the USA I found some yarn at Tuesday mornings. A beautiful soft light blue yarn . Was able to get 4 skeins of the same dye lot for a good price.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Yoka on the yarn at Tuesday Morning..I LOVE finding treasures at that place..Hope you are having a great time with your yummy blue yarn, what are you hooking? Have a terrific Thursday…Christie

    2. Yoka!!!

      HELLO… I am so pleased to hear that all went well with the operation and that you are able to get online with us again . I hope you are feeling well and being looked after whilst you are healing.

      I send you lots of love and hugs … I think Christie’s is going to take the offer of your yarn sale on!

      Much love xxxxxxxxx

  4. A happy anniversary to you both and may you have many more. You can’t beat it, I love being married and I will be snuggling upto my hubby under the lovely blanket you are creating for us Helen.
    Shame about the craft fair after you were looking forward to it so much. Never mind you will have to come to Manchester with us next time x x x

    1. Hey YOU!!! I love hearing about happy couples in this world. It sometimes feels like there’s only a few of us left these day. Your blanket is growing and glowing.. it has such a happy feel about it within the colours 🙂

  5. Ahh cariad 🙂 Hugs & more hugs winging their way down to you & Richard for a happy happy silver anniversary celebration 😀
    Shame the fair wasn’t your cup of tea, but it’s fab that you enjoyed the day anyway and ended up with some lovely baubles 😀
    Your cruet set is sOOper cute 🙂
    Those cakes look very delish, I bet they don’t last long 😀
    Mo xxx

    1. Awwww, thanks Mo… silver wedding and silver hair .. it was a great day in the end albeit Alex insisted that we ate at home in the end…. guess he knows where the best food is to be found eh!

  6. Wishing you and Richard a fantastic 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration! And… of course…. many, many more of them on your horizon!

    Glad you enjoyed good company on your day out! Perhaps you will find one more suited to your “hooky” talents!!

    Your bear is so sweet! You certainly keep busy, Helen!

    Much love,
    JoAnn xoxo

  7. Congrats to you both Helen and Richard. You both do enjoy your lives, the good and the bad. See you in another 25 years together.

    cakes look too good to eat……blanky looks good already. you are a clever girl.

    love you three xxxx

  8. I wish I had all of your energy – but I would settle for just some of it! Happy 25th Wedding anniversary! Bill and I celebrated our 33rd this year. Every year goes by quicker and quicker. Love your bear, and everything else too! Your work is admirable!

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