Bedspreads and Squirrels !

Hello my lovely Angels,

thank you all so much for your well wishes on our anniversary. A good time was had by albeit Alex had a hidden agenda which he chose to reveal at the very last moment with a panic attack. He just DID NOT WANT TO GO OUT!

So… Thanks to all our family and guests who fitted in with conceding to a happy take away at home blessed with good company and more wine than you can imagine.


However, post hangover I have been working on getting Lynn’s blanket on the road. Just 86 grannies later this little fella is looking very much like a bedspread. I just love the colours in it and how it resembles lost gems hidden in the grass!

I have to admit, this project is rather dominating my house at the moment and here is the rest of the stash intended to get this little chap into King Size shape.


I’ve ensured that as I add each round, I sew in all the ends so as not to have the dreaded task to deal with right at the finish of the project. There really is nothing worse is there than having something finished on the one side but not on the other.. so discipline in place, I’m tidying up as I go and making sure those pesky loose ends are truly hidden and unravel proof.. although with every hand made there always a risk of an odd end popping its head up. Bit like a weed, and this little chap that comes along each morning to help himself to my bird table.


I adore squirrels and their cheeky ways and would never discourage them from popping in for a garden snack, although after reports of a little girl having contracted a nasty disease from picking one up, I wouldn’t attempt to shake hands with it.

So again, wanting to finish off on a positive note, I’d like to leave you with an image of a little anniversary prezzy with best wishes from my heart for a good week, good health and good weather to you all.


All my love Helen… xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS.. what goodies are your hooks at the moment???


12 thoughts on “Bedspreads and Squirrels !

  1. Hello gorgeously talented one 😀 Those colours are just wonderful for Lynn’s blankie, and your description is superb 🙂
    Ahh, a squirrel visitor. They get bad press, but they have to eat too, so I’m glad you’re not squirrel proofing the bird table. Do you get lots of different bird varieties too? 🙂
    I love the view of your garden through the window and the heart dangly is gorgeous! 😀
    ttfn – from chill-ly Scotland 😀 xx

    1. Hello Nutkin!

      I’m loving this project and the briht colours are lovely to work with on these dark nights.

      I’m very lucky to get all sorts of birds in the garden.. robins, black birds, magpies, wood pigeon and collard doves are my regulars.

      I cant tell you how many squirrels I get as they all look the same to me.. but they are lovely and so so funny. I leave “bird fat balls” hung in the trees for them to eat.. the gymnatics they perform to get to them is amazing .. they squeal with delight. I never knew they squealed!!! heheheh.

      sending you and wee man warm and cuddly hugs to keep you warm. xxxxxx

  2. Your blanket is looking good Helen you have done so much already. Mine is on hold at the moment as I am still taking it slow because of hands. I am making a baby blanket very slowly I will start to do a bit joining of blanket tomorrow, just finished two knitted squares for a memory blanket as long as I can do a little every day I am happy. Love your anniversary hearts 🙂

  3. Hey Helen! Love the blanket for Lynn. Our colors here in the States sure don’t look as gorgeous as the ones you use! Do you order online, or just have an extra-special store?

    We are having Indian summer right now…………………it’s wonderful. The dogs have been getting extra walks in, b/c it is so nice. Your yard/garden are so “YOU”! Beautiful! Living in a condo sure makes me yearn for the yard we had in our last house. Not much yard (per condo) here., so usually end up sitting in enclosed patio area.

    Having got a little more organized (just about done) in the new condo, I’ve decided that YES, I want to start my winter crocheting, but NO, I’m tired of all the yarn I have on hand. I hate to think of buying all new yarn, so am forcing myself to use up what I have……too bad I can’t crochet with “blinders” on! LOL! When I get the majority of yarn gone, I will get more……………probably will be in 2013. What am I doing with the yarn I have now? Decided to crochet hats/scarves, etc for some local charities. We have some great ones around here, one called Bridge and Beyond. I would also like to make some blankies for the stray cats/dogs at the animal shelters. Thinking about starting up a crafting group with some of the ladies in my new neighborhood. It’s always great to craft with others during the winter months. Otherwise we would all be in HIBERNATION!

    Take care, Still have yet to make some fall-ish pendants to crochet for Fall decorations………Maybe I’ll start with a HAPPY 2013 banner to bring in the New Year. This year have been one of “trials” – hopefully the New Year will be more MY style!


  4. Hi Pam, I just buy the brightest, smile inducing yarns I can find at the local store.. this is a Hayfield Bonus Dk Yarn acrylic.. nothing too special but cheerful and pracical for a blanket.

    I love the enthusiam you have to get moving on a project with your stash and indeed your idea of using stash for charity projects is a super idea.. perhaps create a group and swap an stitch together… why not call the group Swap & Stitch!! hehehe.

    I might also remind you how much work a garden requires!!!! Enjoy sun and your new condo safely and happily.

    A thousand hugs to you xxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Helen
    What a lovely Blogland you have with all your visitors and everyone approves of our blankie. I can’t believe how you have trapped on with it. It looks really good. Once it’s in my bedroom I will have to send you a pic to show everyone.
    I love your garden x x x

    1. Thanks Lynn,

      the garden certainly keeps me busy!!!

      I just love working on your blankie.. the colours are fab to work with on these grey days.. its a pleasure.

      More pics to come after the weeked.. I’ve another 50 grannies to add!

  6. Hi Helen ,

    Sorry I am so late wishing you a belated anniversary.
    from the pictures and what you wrote you had a nice one.
    Love the hearts that is so cute. Still going throw a lot of emails.

    I don’t lile squirrels much because our Westie Moshe who just turned 12 goes balistick when he sees them .A few rows down someone is feeiding the birds and the squirrels come to eat . Some of the squirrels are so huge and bold they come on the covered patio screen and they are a real pest. Our other Westie Levi does not bark at them. One is enough to drive you crazy.LOL Mosh eis our hyper boy and Levi the loverboy he is the relaxing type.
    Love your yarn colors you used for that blanket the green really makes the flowers pop. When it is finished will you share the pattern please?
    That is a lovely block it looks so very interesting.

    Happy crocheting dear Helen you always cheer me up.
    Thanks so much dear friend,

    1. Hi Yoka,

      I love the way you describe your little westies… and their names!! hahaha, I’ve been giggling all moring .

      Tghe block is a block that I created by mistake on a pattern but it works well in a pattern for a blanket as its not too loose!

      Sending you all my very bestest of wishes for a speedy recovery xxxxxxx

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