All rosy in the garden…..

Hi there my fellow crochetiers.. its been a busy week for me hence my absence. I’ve been trying to catch up with friends and family. Giving them my time, my help and also trying to invest some time for me too!


So here are some lovely rose which I’ve made for the craft club. I’m not sure what they are going be used for. A wreath I suspect.  They are so simple to make. It only took me 2 hours to make a dozen.. follow the pattern link here on Ravelry


And I’ve also been preparing for some Christmas presents too. Bunting and bows being on the agenda for this year.. don’t you just love the felt available from Hobbycraft!!!

But, with the winter nights coming I have taken to reading again. I have to allow my hands to rest especially with the intense work needed on Lynn’s Blanket, although the colours are really cheerful to work with on these darker nights.

So, what’s in my library??PA271220

Crochet Saved My Life … by Kathryn Vercillo

A fantastic collection of interviews from people who have found crochet an effective way of dealing with stress, illness and life issues. You must by this book!


And now a proud moment…

The Whole Armour Of God by Linda Parker.

Linda is a member of the family.

This is her first publication on a subject very close to her heart as the daughter of a former Army Chaplain. Her book gives accounts of the hardships faced not only by the chaplains and soldiers on the front line during the Great War but also an insight to how public criticism questioned the bravery of these spiritual heroes .

It is a very thought provoking read and another must buy for Christmas book!

So there we are.. plenty to keep you thinking about till my next pop in session.. time for a little drive to cheer Alex up and a fruit tea later!

Sending you a cosy and warm safe from harm weekend xxxxxxxxxxxxx


10 thoughts on “All rosy in the garden…..

  1. Hello there my hooker pal 😀
    I also like the felt in hobbycraft, they have some cute patterns. I see the red polka dot one you have there and some sparkly ones too. And I-spy some of their red & green card bunting and some hookie makes too. I do love wandering around that shop. Around and around and around…haha 😉
    Ooh I think I’ll put Linda’s book on my wishlist Helen it certainly sounds inspiring 😉
    I hope Alex enjoyed his car trip and you enjoy your fruit tea 🙂
    ttfn, with love n hugs xxx

    1. Hiya Mo,

      I’ve been in most of the weekend.. other than taking Alex out in the car. Its bee miserable and wet. Hence all the work I managed to do on the bunting and the blanket.

      Sending you hugs xxxxx

  2. Hi there Helen, pleased to hear you are resting your hands, you don’t want to end up like me 😦 Love the little roses I have bookmarked them, great for later projects, I might get that trellis filled one of these days haha. Thank you for the book recommendations I have added them to my list. Take care! xx

  3. hi Helen,

    glad you enjoyed your gym and that Alex is fine and so is Richard.

    am typing now and enjoying it again. will have to read that book about

    hope to see you soon.

  4. Hi Helen,

    The roses look gorgeous. and everything else also.
    Thanks so much for sharing the link with us.
    Glad to hear that you are resting those hands.
    I used to have terrible pains in my hands but have no trouble right now.
    Hope your pains let up soon.
    Love ,Yoka.

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