Bedspreads & Bunting After a Busy Weekend

Lynn’s Progress so far… A third of the way there me thinks.




PA281238Poly’s Bunting …. She likes Minnie Mouse!

Have a super rest of the week… from all of us. xxxxxxxxxx


20 thoughts on “Bedspreads & Bunting After a Busy Weekend

  1. Oh my stars ,that is gorgeous Helen.
    It is so beautiful. Love it and lucky Lynn.
    Love your colors and the grean really sets it off with the white after that.
    Well done you are amazing.

  2. Hello Helen,
    The bedspread is FANTASTIC, I adore it!!! I got all toasty just looking at it 🙂 wonderful yarn choices and design, Lynn is sure to be overwhelmed with love upon receiving it..

    The Minnie Mouse bunting is the cutest! You could really make some money selling those here in California..I have a friend in mind that would love one, she goes to Disneyland all the time!!!

    Hugs, Sunshine and Laughter to you this week!!!

    1. Helllo My Sunshine Christie my sunshine girl.

      The blanky is so lovely and snuggly to work on as it drapes over my legs now … heeehhe

      Now… Disney bunting business.. fancy being my agent??? xxxxxx hahahah & hugs xxxxxxxx

  3. That bed spread is fantastic Helen looks as if you’ve done more than a 3rd to me I can’t believe you have done so much in such a short time, the bunting is lovely too. 🙂

    1. Thanks Linda … its easy to work on something when you actually like it eh!

      Hope you’re feeling a little better hun… a little bird told me that placing your hands in warm wax actually helps with pains… sounds like torture to me but how about thouse hot packs you can get and heat up in the microwave… they’re made from gel.. Boots stock them xxx

  4. Wowzers missus, you have done amazingly well with that blankie 😀 The colours are so bright & beautiful they rendered Lynn speechless and I reckon that must be a novel notion for Lynn 😉 haha 😀
    Polly’s Minnie Mouse bunting is SO cute! 🙂 You are the queen of bunting cariad 😀
    ttfn xxx

  5. everything beautiful as normal. blankie and bunting. yes, yes, yes, very good.
    short and sweet blog. clever clogs you. xxxxxx

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