Can a picture paint thousand words???









14 thoughts on “Can a picture paint thousand words???

  1. Hi Helen,

    What a gorgeous shot with the rainbow in the sky. .
    Wohoooo,you have been busy with buntings .They are all so nice.
    It that a Micky Mouse tissue box?
    How impressive and cute.
    Raining here today a cold front is coming in but I made it to the beach yesterday . for the first time again.Walked 5+ miles. Am a little sore today.
    Love to you and family,


    1. My my Yoka,

      you are doing so well after your operation.. all that walking and excerise. It must have been lovely for you.

      Lots of buntings coming in and yes.. minnie mouse tissue boxes.. heheheh

      sending you much love xxx

  2. Oh most definitely 😀 Alex’s face is an absolute delight bless him. That looks like a wonderful happy gathering 😀

  3. You’re such a busy little lady Helen, don’t know how you fit it all in, lovely work as always. Just came back from 3 weeks in England as my poor sister had a ruptured brain anuerysm….thank God she will be fine. I’m trying to get her into crocheting as I think it will help to relax her…think it’s working xxx

  4. everything beautiful as always. Alex happy, so everyone is happy. bunting great as always. good work Jane. we must look after each other in this short life.xxxxxx

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