King Sized Ambitions!

Hello Everyone,


Where does time go when we’re so close to Christmas, where house & home call for changes to deal with damp and cold conditions.. hence the work I’m doing for Lynn’s king Sized blanket.


The only way to tackle something as big as this and retain your sanity is to slip in smaller projects to kill the monotony…. not to mention good preparation and time for sewing in ends as you go. Above you’ll see another 100 pinwheels to sew into squares… but did I mention I had to spend 5 hours on Saturday just sewing in ends!!!! But soon my fun will start again when I get to handle these colourful little chappies and watch my project grow and grow.


Talking of which.. here is another colourful chap created for the Children’s Cancer Charity..

I love him so much I’m going to make another one for MEEEE this time in greens and pinks.


The pattern is available from Heidi Bears website or Ravelry .. by far the most comprehensible and well prepared pattern I have ever seen.. well worth the money. And the new bear will look great on my new king sized bed… heheh


So amongst the panic.. how many of you are actually going to prepare hand crochet gifts for Christmas.. I am and have already started on some for family and friends… but with so much else to do I chose to look on the internet as to what I can use to “cheat”… well not cheat but easy things which I can customise.


One great find…… stick on lace ribbon!!!



The possibilities are endless… not just bunting but jars for your home made jams and preserves, picture frames and indeed collars, cuffs and whatever else you chose.


They’re easy to use.. they stick and they’re very reasonable to buy. Follow the link to find the eBay store


And finally , the other things I’ve been dabbling in .. home sewn appliqués.

This time rabbits… don’t you just love the fluffy tails!



Have a safe and warm week… take special care and we’ll speak again soon…..

Helen xxxxxxx hugs xxxxxxxx


14 thoughts on “King Sized Ambitions!

  1. Aww Helen – last one first – Those bunyips are SUPEr cute! 😀 😀
    What a lovely lot of pinwheels you have there 🙂 the blanket is going to be very gorgeous indeed 😀
    I haven’t done much crochet as you know, but I have made some crochet ‘paper’ chains and the baby blanket is almost complete 🙂 Pity baby hasn’t made an appearance yet though 😉
    That stick on lace is a fab idea, I got some too and then gave it to a friend who was desperately trying to get some last minute for her daughters dance costume, haha 🙂
    And last but certainly not least – the luscious Lollo Bear! He will be so well loved by any child that needs some comfort. Your green & pink colour scheme sounds wondeful 🙂
    With love and hugs from a Highland lass currently watching the infamous ‘Blues Brothers’ – love that film! 😀 xxHUGxxHUGxx

    1. Every body needs somebody Mo.. hehehe.

      I’ve really missed your crochet mo.. but love the new stuff you’re doing too.

      I cant wai for baby either.. I’ve already got a few bunts made up ready for me just to put the letters on for you!

      Lots of love xx

  2. Helen do you ever stop, you churn out an endless supply of beautiful things, I love your bear, everything is so detailed and made with care you can tell a lot of love goes into everything you make. I do like making little things for friends and family for Christmas even if it’s just an ornament for the tree, I did have lots planned for this year but I’m not sure if I will manage to do them all but will give it my best shot, take care and have a lovely weekend, I’m going to Wales tomorrow on a 4 day trip to Llandudno 🙂

    1. hey Linda.. I hope you’re well my lovely girl.. you’re right Linda. I wouldn’t take on a project if I thought I would not enjoy it.. you can asl Lynn from Doodly Birds.. she asked me to make a bunting with odd finials at the end.. I wasn’t happy… but generaly each stich is made as individual as I can and always with a smile.. hope Llandudno is kind to you! xxxx

  3. Oh no I feel really bad about the length of time it’s taking to do my blanket. Bet you won’t take on another. The vintage bunting is wonderful and Carol absolutely loved it. Mine is looking fabulous hanging from my welsh dresser. Thanks you for my lovely gift, you are such a generous lady.
    Lynn x x x

    1. heheh, dont be daft. I think me and hundreds of thousands of fellow crochetiers resent sewing in ends Lynn… I’ve started to attatch the pinwheels now so I’m haing loads more fun so dont worry… I’m so pleased you liked your bunting. That one I really enjoyed doing .. placing all the little sparklies and the flowers on there.. I keep smiling at your doodly bird fridge magnet each time I go into the kitchen… so THANKS TO YOU TOO xxx

  4. Hi Helen,

    What a wonderful surprise to see the bear finished what a beauty. Well done and a kingsize blanket Oy Vey, what a work but we all know you can do it.
    We can all tell the love you put into your work and everything is so adorable like the bunnies. Too cute Helen.

    Your bunting is the best I have ever seen and you family must be so proud of you.

    Have not been around much lots of troubles with my eyes again am using steroids drops again 4 x a day for a week and tapering off to 3 than 2 and 1 x a day. Besides my other drops. Still have pain in the eyes also so I have not done much but I am finishing up the bullseye blanket on good days. Saw 2 of me in the mirror and the letters have ghost letters so I am very unhappy right now.

    Sending you hugs and love so glad to see all your beautiful work.

    1. Hey Yoka,

      You are so kind to comment on my things.. I cant wait to see your bullseye blanket on the flickr account… you keep positive and all will work out fine for you.

      Thinking of you as always. xxxx

  5. Hi Helen! The US is 4 days away from our Thanksgiving, and our weather has been BEAUTIFUL this week (knock on wood)………..hope it continues! Love your crocheting. I don’t know how you keep up with yourself! LOL! LOVE the bear, love the buntings, and I see you are even making a springtime bunting (with the bunnies!) You must have a very understand mate……………….as much crocheting as you do, you must have a HUGE stash – that would drive my guy crazy……………..(I would love it tho!)

    have to go into the dermatologist next week…………..the end of my nose has basal cells that need to be removed. A bit nervous, but I pray she gets them all!

    Can you imagine it is this close to December holidays already? Where does the time go…………..of course I am a bit older than you, so my time goes faster than yours….sure wish I could pick/choose when I want it to speed up and when I want it to slow down! LOL!

    Take care, girlfriend, and that wonderful family of yours (which I KNOW you do)……………keep those crochet hooks flying! Your crafting is a great joy for me to look at!

    Pam (in Ohio)

    1. Hi Pam,

      I hope your thanks giving has gone well for you in your new home… first major celebrations there for you I guess.. are you more or less settled in now?

      Richard is a gem.. but he’s as gulity as me with his computer bits clettering up his desk .. so he’s better off not mentioning my yarn eh!!

      I’ll be thinking of you and your appointment.. I really really wish that you have a good result Pam.

      Ahhh time.. that elusive bringer of wrinkles … heheheh.

      Take speciall care pam xxxx

  6. what can I say? every thing beautiful and done well. family, projects, house, friends and gym. you never stop. GOOD on you dear friend.
    luvs you xxxx

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