A Bedtime Recycle

Money is always an issue and I love nothing more than bagging a bargain or “upcycling” something to look “new”.


So.. after treating ourselves to a new kingsized bed, it seemed only fair to have Alex inherit our old double.. but looking through the bedding, although in good condition they appeared dated… so.. here is an idea. Lace Trim!


I just ran a length down the pillow cases and across the top of the duvet cover to breakup the black and bring a new twist to Alex’s “bachelor den”. I’m really pleased with the result. It only took half an hour to do and the  lace that was given to me by my mother in law.. bargain!


And another upcycle…. if you haven’t any time to crochet bunting then why not buy some ready made paper garlands and “personalise” them…


These were paper hearts already strung which I bought for £1.50 …

all I did was add a few paper letters, flowers and bling.


Most of these goodies were bought in HobbyCraft… who by the way have a “3 for 2” offer on yarn.


And of course with all that money and time saved… cook yourself a lovely heart warming and filling home made lasagne..

like this one… yummy


Ensure you stay warm and dry … xxxxxxxxxxxx Hugs from Helen xxxxxxx


5 thoughts on “A Bedtime Recycle

  1. You are so very clever Helen! 😀 Alex’s new bedding looks fabulous and I just love those paper hearts! 🙂 Did you say they were from Hobbycraft? Can’t wait to get back there. Which section were they in Helen? 🙂
    I’d like a portion of that lasagne to go please 😀 It looks very delicious 🙂
    Sending love and luscious hugs fae bonny Scotland – Mwah! 😀 xhugx

    1. Hiya Mo.. the paper hearts I got in the “wedding section” of Hobbycraft but the paper letters and bling were from the pound shop here in Cardiff.. a place called WHAT!

      Alex ate three portions of the lasagne Mo.. I had to lock the kitchen door to stop him picking on the left overs.. heheheh.. stay warm and dry. xxx

  2. Hello Helen,
    What a clever lady you are adapting the bedding for Alex. I hope he likes it.
    I’ve loaded some of your friend June’s knitted toys onto my Doodly Bird shop. I hope we get some sales. I will put some of your bunting on it Helen or have you got enough to do my busy friend.
    Kikki says hello to her new Noona and says she likes her new and extended family very much so far.
    Have a good day Helen.
    Love Lynn xx

    1. Hiya Lynn,

      Alex loves his bed so much since he’s had our old bed and a new 13.5 tog duvet.. plus terry towelling sheets.. he’s like a proper bed bug! hheehhe

      Junes toys are amazing. Whoever buys them will be so impressed. I’m so envious of her knitting skills!

      I’ve always got time for new projects Lynn, especially the bunting as I tend to stock pile on yarns and pendants for ease of work.. so bring on the orders.

      Princess Kikki … she seems to be a right character.. measure her up for me to make her a little jacket… what colours do you reckon would look good on her???

      Sending to a sunny bright day from here in Cardiff xxxxx

  3. Hi Helen you sure are smart spiffying up the sheets that way.
    It looks great and Alex must be so pleased.
    Your lasagne looks so delish wish I had a small portion.LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

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