Keep calm and crochet.

Just a little snowed under with work and Christmassy things at the moment. But I guess looking at the weather that’s still to come here in Cardiff too!

I suppose many of you are in the same situation in preparing presents and ensuring you get all your chores complete in time for the big day……. But this year, I’m not going to let anything bother me and slowly battle through getting over my flu with a bottle of brandy and a smile


And sit back admiring my work! Hehehe

Wishing you all a happy week xxx


13 thoughts on “Keep calm and crochet.

  1. Ahh, Helen *HUG* the flu is so miserable cariad 😦 S glad you have a fine tonic to help it on it’s way 😀
    Your bunting up there is gorgeous 🙂 Evie’s flower finials especially pretty 🙂
    It’s very chilly here today, but no snow yet thank heavens. Hard frost yesterday; so glad I didn’t have to venture out.
    Take care my lovely, stay warm (with the aid of your bottle – hic!) and keep on hookin’! 😀
    Mo 🙂 xxx

  2. And proud of your work you should be to, it’s fabulous. Keep warm, seems like we are all a bunch of demics at the minute. Kikki didn’t want to miss out so she has a scratched eye. Oh and Philip fell on the ice last night. Roll on summer xxx

  3. Hi Helen,

    Sorry to hear that your had the flue I know how aweful it can be.
    I use the same thing with a little lemon juice and honey added to the brandy I make a hot toddy.
    You sure can be proud of your works it is all just gorgeous.

    Am working on several things for Hospice and loving it. Hope in the new year to start on something for my self.
    Bulls eye blocks are finished do I need to block the blocks before I put everything together??
    Hope Richard took good care of you while you was sick.
    Stay well and warm.

    Love ,

    1. Ho Yoka.. I am so pleased to hear that you are well enough to go back to your crafty things.. Yes Richard is looking after me in his way but not much rest when Alex is around at times… carry onwards and upwards as they say!

      Sendin you my best xxxx

  4. Sorry to hear you’ve had the flu Helen, I’m just recovering from a chest infection, completely lost my voice, then it croaked for a week but it’s back to normal now thank goodness. I’m trying to keep Christmas low key this year, we are having a lucky Christmas dip instead of buying presents this year and you know what I don’t care about the chores haha. Look after yourself and enjoy that Brandy xx

    1. Hiya Linda.. feeling a million times better now.. i actually stayed in bed for 4 days, hooking and watching TV.. with Alex right besides me most of the time.

      Hope you’re feeling better.. what did you get in the lucky dip?

      H xxx

  5. Still LOVE these. Have been to busy to do some myself however. Sorry to hear about your having the flu! Love your remedy! I had to have basal cells cut off the end of my nose……………too much sun in my younger days……………I think I’ll just stay inside and try your brand remedy! LOL! Think about your SO OFTEN, dear. XXOOXX

    1. I’d forgive you anything Pam, typos included… fab news about your operation going so well. I wish you a speedy recovery and as always thinking of you and your happy sun shiney ways all the time too… love and hugs to you xxxx

  6. Excuse my typos above………………I guess that bandage I have on the end of my nose is interfering with my vision too! LOL!

  7. hope everything went off ok at the hospital with the children and the toys?
    hope you are better from your flu, glad I haven’t got it yet…….
    hope to see you soon with your boys………

    1. Hi Lenna, yes the hopsital visit went well although I didn’t go up to the war because of my flu bug.. apparently your Sponge bob was grabbed and taken to bed as were many of the other toys given to the hospital… I’ll get a link up to June’s page for you all to see. xxx

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