And a happy watsit to you all!

Oh well, all the festivities are over and I’m glad to be back to normal once more. I hope it all went fine for you guys too

Santa brought us a happy boy and with the exception of a few tummy grumbles Alex had a wonderful time of it which of course makes us all happy.


4 thoughts on “And a happy watsit to you all!

  1. Happy New Year my dear Fabulous friend!!! Have you packed away your decorations yet? I know you got a giggle out of me as you thought I tucked mine away so early 🙂 WIshing the brightest to you, Richard and Alex in this new year of 2013..Love & Hugs!!! Christie

    1. hahaha Christie you are so funny. I took my decs down on the 12th night and Alex was really grumpy about it so I have left the lights up in the gazeebo and the kitchen for him to enjoy…. and wrapped some blue leds around his bed head too.. sending you my bestes of all wishes, health and happiness right back at yer! xxx

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