Sharp Crochet Hooks & Giveaway!

Many of you have asked me how I have found this product… simply AB FAB!!


I have always loved the mixed medium of fabric and crochet so I chose a simple product to experiment with.

First .. take one simple kitchen towel and evenly single crochet all around to create your foundation stitch.

Dont forget to place three stitches in each of the corners.

All this is explained in the book.


I chose a cloth that had little squares already embossed into the fabric to help me with the spacing.The sharpe tip of the hook was so easy-going through the cloth.

crop single crochet
crop single crochet

Then Single crochet x3 in each of the stitches all around the towel as above.

Finally, single stitch, shell stitch and single stitch into each of your foundation till you have something looking like this.


And now you chance to win this little towel to enjoy in your very own kitchen!


 All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what you would like to have featured next on my blog?

If choose your suggestion not only will I blog it I’ll gift you this towel!

So go on reveal all and drop me a suggestion.

Should you win I won’t even mind if you tell your friends that you made it yourself!

If you would like to purchase the Sharpe Crochet hook for yourself the pack includes a pattern booklet aswell as the hook.


6 thoughts on “Sharp Crochet Hooks & Giveaway!

  1. Oh my! I do like a nice ‘Giveaway’ 😀 But who doesn’t? haha 😉
    I would like to see a feature on another artist like you did a while ago. It is so nice to hear about different areas of people’s lives and their thought processes used in their crafting, whatever the medium 🙂
    Hope you’re all managing to stay cosy and not getting snowed in 🙂 Eek, that would be awful for Alex to miss his classes. Stay warm and safe cariad. With love n hugs, Mo 😀 xxx

  2. I must have my ‘blonde’ head on – I also meant to say that I love what you did with the towel Helen and the variegated yarn you used is lovely 😀 I remember your buying the ladybird cruet set 🙂 Soo pretty 😉
    More love n hugs for you xxx

    1. I’ve never asked, but I would have guessed you’re left-handed Lynn 🙂 So many talented people are left-handed. I’m sure there must be some correlation 🙂
      I don’t envy your trying to learn anything fiddly that is predominantly catered for us right-handers. My friend here is ‘a lefty’ and craft-wise it drives her nuts, haha 😉 There are some wonderful Youtube video’s though 🙂
      Sorry for taking over Helen 😉

  3. Dear Helen,

    wow, what a wonderful tool! I have to have this!!!

    I would be interested in what you did with your new hook – did you already make a collar for a shirt or something like that?
    Despite of that I would love to hear more from the children’s hospital, where Elmo went to. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any pictures of the handing over of the toys to the children on your linked page.
    Then I would love to see a collage of pictures of your buntings with their new owners. Do you think they would send you a picture a allow you to use it here in your blog?

    Warm wishes!


    1. Ok, you’ve all added your remarks and I’ve taken them all on board …. May I just remind you that you all have until the end of the month to keep making your suggestions and improving your chances of getting the towel! Xx

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