Snowed In Cuisine By Alex

Meatball Collage

Main meal was meat balls and pasta.Dessert Collage

Dessert. Mandarin and Butterscotch Trifle


Meatball in bed Collage

And a well deserved rest under the Hexagon Blanket in Mum and Dads BIG Bed.

Keep sending me your blog suggestions for the kitchen towel give away.


14 thoughts on “Snowed In Cuisine By Alex

  1. Alex is having too much fun at home with you and Richard. Looks so happy and warm. Hoping next week is a lot warmer so we don’t all stay at home all day and go nuts……

  2. It looks like you are having weather like we just had!! One whole week of heavy snow and all that entails!! To the point they took our City buses off the road yesterday! No fear, today finally dawned clear, cold and SUNNY!
    Alex looks right at home in the kitchen! ….and in that bed under the beautiful spread!!! The Trifle looks marvelous – any chance of scoffing a recipe????

    1. Hi JoAnn, I love the way your country deals with the weather. Here everything ends in a stand still!

      The recipie for the trifle is canned fruit and sugar free jelly with stale cake. The topping is simply a flavoured whip as Alex enjoys quick cuisine.

      As for the pasta sauce follow any basic recipie but add sweet basil, a little sugar and paprika….. And lastly simmer for a goog four hours…. Yes four hours!!!

      Meatballs are made with mince, onion and crumb to bind. Fry first and simmer in your four hour sauce xxx

  3. How fab! Alex looks quite at home in the kitchen Helen 😀 You could hand the oven gloves over to him eh? 😉 Does he have a favourite thing to cook? That trifle looks so scrummy 🙂 One of my favourite desserts – and lots of it, lol 🙂
    Your blanket is the perfect place to snuggle on these wintry days 🙂
    ttfn, Mo 🙂 xxx

  4. Your cook looks very happy and contend. How wonderful that he likes to cook and help in the kitchen. His picture under that gorgeous blanket is adorable he is a happy boy.

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