And the Kitchen Towel Winner is…..

Mo.. or Twinkle Toes 2day as you may know her as she came up with the idea for another interview.


CONGRATULATIONS MO.. gifts in the post!

I’d like to thank you all for your comments and wish you better luck next time. Some of your replies were amazing so don’t be despondent, there will be more give aways on here.

I’ve chosen to focus on Lynn of the Doodly Bird fame not only because I love her work, also for the trust she placed in me to create and make some very personalised gifts for her closest family.

1 .. Tell us  little bit about yourself.. where you live, Phil, Kikki etc.

I live high up on the moor overlooking Healey Dell Nature Reserve where I used to play as a child.

Together with my husband Philip we recently took on a rescue dog, Kikki a 10 year old Papillon who acts and looks half her age.  She is our 3rd Papillon, anyone thinking of getting a dog these are a beautiful breed.
I am fortunate enough to have a room within our house which is my studio and has floor to ceiling windows and is a wonderful place to create in and to have friends and customers visit me.


2 .. Have you had any formal training in art??

Ie Uni or college

After working for over 30 years without a break since leaving school, I decided it was time to do something completely different and so 10 years ago after an interview at the local college I enrolled on an two year full time HND Textile Design course.

After only being average at everything at school I was thrilled to be receiving distinctions in all my subjects.
It was very hard work but I loved it.
Not wanting to go down a commercial route with my qualifications I started to look at the art side with my first pieces being framed collages of Italian buildings.  I also did a number of abstract pictures in handmade papers.  Later I moved on to creating canvasses mounted with recycled and reconstructed finds from my walks over the moors with the dogs.
This resulted in my C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N Collection – Create Recycle Everyone And Together Improve Our Nation.  My garage is full of scrap finds that hubby brings me and so do the neighbours.

3 .. How did you come up with the idea of your Doodly Birds?

I can’t answer that precisely, I think the idea came from me just doodling on a bit of paper when I was on the phone.  I may have been looking at bird/bird pictures at the time.  The little fellows then developed into the Doodly Birds we all love to have fluttering about now.

4 .. What are your most favourite materials to work with?

Hmm, let me think !  Without a doubt my black fineliner pen.  No matter how hard I try it always appears in my work somewhere.  Whether its creating the Doodlies, designing something, I can’t help making stitch marks and outling things like envelopes with it.

I like paper, any sort and creating books.  I’ve been described as an illustrator but I wouldn’t categorise myself as I like to dabble in most media.
My aim this year is to create some hand stitched pieces and to learn to crotchet.  After that I may have a go at watercolour.

5 .. If you could claim to be the creator of any work of art and put your name on it .. what would it be?

Ooh that’s a big question as I have so many favourite artists.  I would like to put my name to the natural land creations of Andy Goldsworthy, the contemporary embroidery of Karen Ruane, the painted letters of Percy Kelly, to many textile artists to mention, Lucienne Days printed fabrics, Michael Brennan-Woods collages……. Shall I go on haha!


6.. Where can we find you .. ie your website, etsy and bog… and tell us a little about what your calendar is looking like this year… exhibitions and sales where we can actually come and see you etc… a little Doodly Promo.. eh!

You can find me via my website
Ive started 2013 by enrolling on a 12 week course called Alchemy with contemporary embroiderer Karen Ruane.  I am creating a design/workbook that will lead to a final made piece of art or something practical or decorative.  The purpose of doing it is to build up my embroidery skills.  Straight after that I am doing another course with Karen where we will be looking more intensely at stitching.  I’ve also started making beaded jewellery.
I will be continuing to work with the Doodly Birds in my webshop and by personal commissions and visitors to the studio.  I also supply the Touchstones Gallery and Tourists Information Centre with my work.
After the round of craft fairs last year I’ve decided to take a break from that and enjoy our new recruit KIKKI and building up new creative skills.
If all goes to plan this will lead to an exhibition in 2014 with Gemma Thorpe Textile Artists who works with jewellery and ceramics as well.
One clever Lady eh!!!
Thanks again Lynn and thanks to all of your guys out there too.
Have a super weekned.
H xxxxx

7 thoughts on “And the Kitchen Towel Winner is…..

  1. Thanks for featuring me Helen. One thing I should have added under the famous artist bit was …… I would like to put my name to the fantastic crotchet star Helen Witcombe, who creates some fantastic pieces. (And I mean it)

  2. Yay ME!!! 😀 Thank you so much Helen, my lovely towel arrived today and it is much prettier in reality 😀 The crochet edging is wonderful. That tool is so much more convenient than having to stitch a round of blanket stitches first 🙂 A good find cariad 😉
    Lynn’s interview is very insightful, good fun, inspirational and of course interesting 😀 I can’t wait to read your next interview 😀 Mo xx

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