The Birth Of A Blanket Basic Tutorial

birth of a blanket

Today I am happy to share this pattern with you which really is as easy as 1, 2, 3.!

How to make the coloured madallions.

What you need to note is that there are NO chains inbetween the dc’s in any of the rounds of 1, 2 ,3 . this is so that you have a nice solid madallion, tight and bright.


Make a magic circle, chain 3 (1st dc) make another 11 dc.. total 12 dc’s inside magic circle. Slip stitch into first chain


NO 2 round AS BELOW 

 Change colour and make 2dc’s into each dc space from previous round… slip sitch into 1st chain. ( 12 x 2dc in each space)



Change colour and make 3 dc’s into dc space from previous round.

(12 x 3dc in each space from previous round)



Your constant surround colour as in the green found below in photo. In this case the lawn green.

The next round will change your circle into a square so you will need to add a few chains to make the conversion.

Start in any space and make your first corner.

3 dc, 2 chain, 3 dc

chain 1, 3 dc into next space

chain 1, 3 dc into next space

chain 1 3 dc into next corner space, chain 2, plus 3dc makes the 2nd corner.

Continue this way till you have your granny square… finish with a slip stitch.


finally, choose the method in which you would like to join all these little gems together. I chose the join as you go with an off white soft Aran mix yarn for warmth and softness.


There are hundreds of tutorial on the net for you to be able to refer to for this but the best one I found is this one that give three different methods to choose from


Finishing off your blanket can be a challenge … I have found another link on the net that guarantees to eliminate “crinkling on the edge”

Although you could make a feature of a frilly edge I prefer to have a flat seam finish so that I can choose.

So have a look at this if you want to learn something.

Again if you’d like to copy the edge that I made for Lynns blanket its easy.

Single crochet all around the edge of  blanket twice.


2dc, chain 3, 2dc in every fourth stitch. Easy


Like all new mothers I’m really proud of my little continental king sized bed spread that I made for Lynn Holland of Doodly Birds..

She has done a great blog respecting my work which you can find here and take a peek into her fantastic paper crating too

Have yourselves a happy and restful weekend

Helen x


10 thoughts on “The Birth Of A Blanket Basic Tutorial

  1. Every thing you do Helen is just BEAUTIFUL. I follow you all the time. Another great day for you to make some thing else!!!!! Just look after yourself and your boys.

  2. Helen, Fabulous job my dear the bedspread, it is Beautiful, but everything you put your “hook” in is beautiful 🙂 Thanks for the great tutorial! With all my time free now I am really the happy hooker and crocheting a lot. Come to the States and visit times in Calif…sound good!! Love and Hugs!!!

    1. Hi Christie,, how are you bearing up these days.. I hope your leg is better… I shall let you onow if I am ever in California… but I question if the state are ready for us to run wild together when we get together???!!! heheheh

  3. Hi Helen ,
    Thanks so much for sharing your pattern and explaining how you did the edge,
    It is so colorful and and I love it.
    That green really sets every piece off with the off white.
    Lynn much be thrilled with the blanket.
    You always do such wonderful work and I enjoy your tutorials.
    Hope you and the boys are doing well and that Spring soon be at your doorstep.
    Love Yoka

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