Hello Again

I hope you have all been thoroughly spoilt for Mothers day or indeed simply because you have deserved it.

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Its been a while for me to post anything as I have been told that I need to rest and ensure that I get plenty of sleep.. so that’s what I have been doing.

The knitting group has started again so, its been nice to see the old faces again, catching up on the gossip PLUS I am delighted to say that we have all been invited to attend the Chrildrens Cancer ward Christmas lunch this year, isn’t that fantastic!

This month I have donated Rosita the flower and might work on some more of them in different colours for the kids.. but the pussy cat below I made for Lynn.


Hector who now keep Kikki the dog company!

However now, I’m finding time to make things for me, to spoil me and to please me and only me… so these little african flowers are ….


The start of my new Heidi bears pattern for my fruity Lollo Bear. She will eventually live on my bed to keep me company when watching horror movies in bed!

And here are Mother’s day treat of Custard Tart


Strictly for grown ups

Vodka Gummy Bears!!


 As you might have gathered in-between making things for the charity group I’ve undertaken a new project of a slouchy jacket for me.. I have never made anything just for me before and its a nice challenge.. It’s also helping a new member of the group that chose the pattern for us to make together.

She’s new to crochet so its nice to have someone to teach, its like a personal CAL! Here is the back of the jacket.


Its a nice neutral taupe colour I suppose with 20% Aran yarn in the making.

I’m thinking of perhaps embellishing it with some zany flowers to bring it more up to date and stamp a little personality into it… we shall see.

What have you gals been up to over the last couple of weeks .. write and tell me.

Sending you my very best of spring sun kisses hugs … Helen x

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2 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. I’m lying here under my super coloured, super cosy, super warm blankie while I’m reading your blog. Now you must look after yourself young lady and Miss Kikki says that Hector keeps a watchful eye over her while she sleeps.
    Lovely to hear you are making something just for you, can’t wait to see how it turns out.
    I’m still working on my apron. I seem to get mad spirts at working in it then days when I can’t get to it.
    Oops here’s Philip with a cup of tea, how nice.
    Enjoy your day and give yourself lots of TLC.
    Love Lynn and KIKKI x x x. And Philip of course

  2. Hello gorgeous 😀 Echoing Lynn, I do hope you’re continuing to take extra care of yourself 🙂 *hugs*
    Looking forwards to seeing how your slouch jacket comes along, but one thing’s for sure, your Lollo bear is going to be scrumptious 😀 I think it’s wonderful that you’re helping another lady in your group to crochet too 🙂 A wee CAL, as you said 😉
    We had LOTs of snow here on Sunday, but it is now clearing, so I’m happy it’s not loitering for very long 😉 Staying indoors, keeping warm and making birthday cards just now 😉
    ttfn 🙂 Mo xxx

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