Out of Hibernation

Sorry for being away for so long… but I’ll let my photos and collages speak for themselves to as to what my absence.

Photos from the NEC Craft Exhibition, cookery and crochet 551 475 427 446 468 458 453 448 517 486 533 523 549

559 562

Next time I shall be talking about my new found knitting skills and how I am learning to use my yarns for each project .. have a super happy weekend xxxxxxxxx


4 thoughts on “Out of Hibernation

  1. YOU HAVE BEEN SOOOOOO BUSY, HELEN! These are so varied and beautiful and ….. wow! You have encompassed so many skills in this collage…. you are a truly amazing woman! (and those strawberry muffins make my mouth water!) Nice one of your “boys” having fun! xo

  2. Such a gorgeous collage of colourful cooking, craziness & craftiness! Cor! Could I use any more ‘C’s 😀 My fave is the one of your boys 😀 Although i do admit to a penchant for your yellow yarn lady 😀 Mo xxx

  3. Hi Helen! Long time no talk! Love your collage……………..quite a few of them that I would love to make for my grandson. Speaking of grandson, we are going to be grandparents again! Possibly multiples 🙂 Tell me about wordpress. Is it hard to have a blog on WP? Thinking about starting one of my own. I have too much time on my hands now that we moved to a condo. Love it tho! We just can’t find spring this year. We have warm for a few days and then BAM! It’s cold and windy/rainy or snowy again! Makes for some good crocheting tho.:-)

  4. Oh vey, you have been busy and you keep amazing us with all the lovely things you made.
    Not to forget you make my mouth drool with such temtations.
    I kept telling you what a amazing lady you are and now someone else also said it.
    Hope you believe us.
    Sending love,

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