A little relaxation

Hey, thank you all for your wonderful comments.. its so lovely to have you all welcome me back to blogland.

I have missed you all so much.. I just hope time has been kind to you and all the family. It seems that all of you loved my latest projects… but the winner was the scarf.


I am happy to say that I got the pattern from Raverly.     I have sold a couple of scarfs to friends and I’m pleased to say that they are available to purchase from me if you cant be bothered to make one yourself. Just drop me a line on here and Ill get to you with prices.

If you want to have a go at making one then….

Here is the link     http://www.mooglyblog.com/artfully-simple-infinity-scarf/

Baking has been on the agenda today .. pasties and plum berry pies as there are so many on sale on the high street.. its a true sign of autumn.

I love red fruits and berries, spiced with cinnamon and brandy…


Fresh rump steak tails shredded into small chunks fused with suede,, potato and strong onions to bring you the taste of true Cornish Pasties to Cardiff


Encased in rich pastry… baked to a tan and eaten


The rich, buttery smells just warm your senses and steer you to the sofa  to relax and languish in comfort and hot food

And of course a little late night crochet in front of the TV and a bowl of warm plum berry pie dessert.

IMG_1445 IMG_1451


Likewise.. indulge yourselves too, relax and enjoy xxxxxxxxxxx


8 thoughts on “A little relaxation

  1. Oh yes… go ahead and make me drool Helen!!!! I could eat each and everything on your menu!! Seriously, you are a grand cook – lucky men in your home. That crochet looks so pretty too!
    You truly are getting well again. xo JoAnn

  2. Ooh, scrumptious gumptious 😀 Your pies are making my mouth water 😉 I’d be the size of a house if I lived with you :O haha 😀

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