Tea Choccy Crochet .. Gift Ideas


I just wanted you all to realise how close it is to Christmas and offer you a few ideas which may make your life easier closer to the day,  as well as feeding your creative cravings

Just look at what June from the Craft Group made for me .. Isn’t it fab!


If you’d like to see how easy it is to make this ideal gift then click below to the full tutorial


The other option to make you very popular with friends and work colleagues are homemade chocolates. If you recall I am a huge fan.. Remember this post?



My one contention with  truffles are how long in advance can I make them before they spoil?

I scoured the internet and discovered a brilliant website and YouTube tutorials http://www.howtocookthat.net/

Ann Reardon .. she’s  pragmatic, passionate and an amazing person in the kitchen.. It’s an order that you at least watch one of her tutorial  videos.. You will not look back!
She gave me the ideas of praline…


Not only will it add a zing to my choccy ganache,  I can snap it up and send it to those odd people out there who don’t eat chocolate …. Yes you know who you are Lynn!

So where did this all come from? My quest for the perfect millionaires shortcake recipe …. it was a huge success as you can see. YUMMMyyyyyyyy


I guess there’s about a million calories in each piece but its one of Richard’s favourites.

Now Crochet, where is the crochet they ask. I’m working on lots of projects at the moment.

4 x set of bunting

1 x Mickey Mouse

1 x Minnie Mouse

1 x Bolero

1 x Batman ( yes another)

3 x scarfs

1 x jacket

1 x yellow Kangaroo

1 x Baby Heirloom Blanket

All still cluttering my work room as WIPS!!!

I’ll simply leave you with a naughty peek of Mickey caught without his trousers on!

photo (2)


3 thoughts on “Tea Choccy Crochet .. Gift Ideas

  1. Hahaha 😀 😀 I’m chuckling away to myself as I red this Helen. Thank you so much fr the giggles 😉 I need them on this very dull, wet & blustery day. I’m sure I’d be atop the trees were I Whinnie The Pooh on a hunt for honey 😉
    Your wreath is wonderful! June is so very clever & very creative.
    I have bookmarked those videos to watch later, thank you. I love YouTube! 🙂
    People who don’t eat chocolate?! :O I didn’t realise they still existed on this planet, hehe 🙂 Well they may rue the day, when the brittle does for their teeth 😉
    As for the half naked Mickey! Well, avert my eyes! Lol 😀 Well no time for this cariad, look at that WiP list! *gasp* I’m surprised it doesn’t give you nightmares! :O Or does it 😉
    Kettles on. Fancy a cup before you carry on? 🙂
    Mo *hugs* xxx

    1. Get that kettle on Mo and Ill bring over some millionaires!!!

      A long WIP doesn’t bother.. I like the fact that there are so many things I can do and not get bored… although it doesn’t curb my fancy for starting another project!

      1. The pot’s brewing Helen 🙂
        I’m half thinking of doing some crochet in the Wintry evenings, but not sure what I want to make. I’ve still got lots of wool. Need to think a little more & look at some patterns for inspiration I think 🙂 xxx

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