Plague of frogs and bunting

Hasn’t the weather been dreadful! I had loads of frogs in the garden amusing us and an unfortunate frog casualty found dead in my garage … However, I can boast that I can strike off 4 items from my WIP list.


Shame I couldn’t get a better photo for you…. In the meantime I’ll leave you with my Halloween project in the making


How many wips have you got on your list ?


3 thoughts on “Plague of frogs and bunting

  1. You are a human dynamo Helen the way you get through so much work. Well done.
    Now my list….. There are two definites 1. Plan Xmas workshop for a small group of ladies at my house on 9th November and make samples and kits. 2. Make six Christmas tags for Tag Tuesday swap. X x x

  2. Oh my, a headless corpse!! :O haha
    The bunting looks wonderful Helen, the colours are fabulous 😀
    Poor Kermit, kicking it in the garage, 😦 There were LOTS of tiny frogs on a recent walk, so small they were almost hard not to tread on (eek). I hope your weather has settled down again and you’re not geting blown about cariad 🙂
    I have so many things on my to-do list, but not many actual WIPs.
    Looking forward to seeing more pics as you finish items off 😀 xxx

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