Taking the Mickey!!

Happy to say that I have finished yet another WIP but… This pattern was awful to work with.


Has this ever happend to you?

You buy a pattern with real excitement and soon like a failed soufflé you find yourself deflated and resentful in feeling that you have to finish a project!!!

In my case I had no option as these toys were for a neighbour.


I agree as crochet items they are lovely but imagine having to sew in 32 pieces together to finish off! Never again.

Stay well, warm and snuggled up close to those you love ……… Me xxxx I’ve had my whinge xx


3 thoughts on “Taking the Mickey!!

  1. Helen..Mickey and Minnie are absolutely Fabulous!! ouch about sewing the 32 pieces together..eek what a pain..eh! I trust your neighbor was in love and thrilled with them 🙂 You, my beautiful friend are ever SO talented..aw I so wish we lived close to each other, we could have Loads of fun crocheting the day & night away 😀 Love and Hugs!!!

    1. Thank you all.. I had a report from the new owners of Mickey and Minnie, they have said that their children adore them .. so that’s makes me happier for a start!

      Lots of hugs to you all … crochet, chatting, giggling and chocolate make crochet so more fun don’t you think!

      Lots of huggles to you all x

  2. Poor Minny she will be devastated if she hears you talking about her like that you cruel woman. Stop it before I put an order in for half a dozen.
    I’m going to a class to learn how to crotchet on Thursday night so watch out for a good laugh at my attempts.
    Lots of love Lynn xxx

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