A Mish Mash Week

The best part being at the Hobby Craft Exhibition in Birmingham.

If you were into your paper crafts then it was a heavenly but for us knitters and crochet nutters, it left us feeling a little deflated as there were only three will stalls with nothing special.  I did pick up a few things for Alex’s Christmas prezzies….

And you have to see this life-size exhibit of paper people.. the dog was fab!


All the little folding and snipping.




However, one day away from home and this is what I had to contend with when I got back. I waited till Monday to deal with the post apocalyptic scene. Two and half hours later I transformed the kitchen in a beautiful place to cook, eat and enjoy being in. As normal the usual suspects have refrained from making a confession! Gremlins are getting the blame!


I just had to take a pic to prove that my house does get cleaned!

After I rewarded with a  nice large mug of some hot cinnamon chocolate when splash of colour drew me into the garden.

Here is a glimpse of my beautiful rose. It was a gift from a good Spanish friend which just keeps giving.20131112-213415.jpg

Ahhh, the world is a very surprising, happy place if you look close.

Lots of bright happy days to you xxxxxxxxxxx


One thought on “A Mish Mash Week

  1. That is one beautiful flower Helen 😀
    Such a shame that you felt let down at the exhibition. Maybe you take the opportunity to send them some feedback; let them know that yarny folk are happy to spend their money at a decent show as well as the paper crafters 😉 The paper people are very clever tho aren’t they? 😀 I do love that dog with his feathery coat 😀
    Ahh, your bonny kitchen. Hope the pesky gremlins have taken their leave 😉
    Sending highland hugs your way xxxx

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