So happypotamus

It’s finished at last !


I love all of Heidi bears patterns . They all turn out looking so special and her patterns always include fab phototorials .

In-between crochet I have put my hand to some decoupage

I had a book of free craft papers given to me at the Exhibition last week so why not.

The cases were bought at a local shop for £3, so watch this space for progress on those …. Ohhh and if any of you have some handy tips then drop me a line .

Have a cosy week xxxx


2 thoughts on “So happypotamus

  1. Oooh Helen your happypotomus is super cute 😀 He’s a fine size too huh? 😉
    And those cases……..bravo, what an awesome job you’ve done with them! 😀 Fab price you got them for too, clever girl 😉
    What sort of tips are you loking for cariad? 🙂 xxxxxxx

    1. Hiya Mo, thanks for your feedback on the Hippo. Every time I make one I don’t want to give it away and then I have to remind myself that’s exactly why they have to go to the children on the cancer ward. They are so ADORABLE! He is huge.. he stands at about 18″ and is about 24″ long.. Id hate to reveal his waist measurement!

      As for tips Cariad, I was thinking if you could advise about the best glues and sealers, and the best varnish to use to give the finish a nice sheen or gloss. Some are really expensive though…

      Ive actually finished the baby case.. it has a very Kath Kidson look about it.. more details will follow.. love to all xxxx

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