Busy week

We started this week with our annual visit to the children’s cancer ward. I wasn’t able to attend last year as I had the flu, this year I volunteered for the visit . It was such a humbling, emotional, joyous and indeed a poignant experience. I’m not sure if I shall go again although I will be working extra hard to make toys like these for donations.



Also, on our list, we donated to a local children’s assessment unit in Llandough Hospital. The unit works with children who may need treatment for controlling behaviour disorders like autism, ADHD, allergies and extreme cases off abuse, trauma and psychiatric care.
Thus, in light of recent reports and how autism plays a major part of my life, I know I will be looking to support this unit too.


So this is my huge thank you to those who have helped me, creative crafts cardiff in helping to bring one iota of joy into these blessed children. Thank you for all the yarn sent, donations and indeed your encouraging comments left on my blog. I’ll leave you with a little peek to another happy hippo for my secret Santa … Isn’t he handsome!!!



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