I’m Back And Bald!


I hope I find you and your good family’s well and in good health.

It’s ts been a while since my last post but sometimes its good for the soul to rest and recuperate during the winter… Life has had its normal ups and downs however,  as always the one faithful and reliable constant has been the crochet.

I guess the main event in my life so far is hitting 50!!! So I did it style with the focus on making something good for charity that will keep me busy and less preoccupied with my menopausal middle age spread!



Ive been assured that all my donations will be passed on to the center where Alex attends to buy some garden furniture for the new summer patio!

So if any of you would like to add to the charity please follow the link to my just giving page.



Give me a couple of days and Ill soon be up to speed showing you all the projects I’be been working on.

Tell us whats on your work list at the moment.. Im making bunting and roosters!

Much love Hx


7 thoughts on “I’m Back And Bald!

  1. I was asked to make a tab topped Roman Blind and after weeks of research going to John Lewis Laura Ashely and fellow curtain makers i got there in the end. The blind wasn’t a problem it was working out how to make it work hanging off a pole and with no baton and velcro at the top.
    So making the next two normal ones has been a joy 🙂 Hope your head a too itchy whilst your hair grows back x

    1. Hi Meryl… yes my head does itch.. people must think that i have an infestation problem!

      Im loving the sound of that blind.. have you any photos and tips to share with us?

  2. Hello beautiful lady. You are a real inspirtion to me & to many others I am sure. The centre Alex attends will be hugely grateful for your sacrifice and lets hope for a fabulous Summer for them all to enjoy new garden furniture 🙂
    Bunting & roosters eh? Hmm….. Bunting made in the shape of roosters perhaps? Haha 😉
    I have been trying my hand at some painting & have started to get a blog of my own together. Dinna faint now cariad?! Haha. I’ve decided the time is right, but – oh boy – the choices one has to make in the process! What size, shape & colour of the background, the image boxes, the comment boxes, the font itself and on it goes………Who can post, what type of comments to allow, whether to have verification or just moderation? YiKeS!! Bad mistake perhaps? No. But a long time in the making? Oh yes. So don’t hold your breath waiting will you?
    Loving hugs from the nearly demented **hugs** Mo 😀 xxxx

  3. Hello gorgeous and courageous one, what a blessing you are to us all. You keep us entertained in so many ways, inspire us in so many ways and make us some FANTASTIC Crotcheted pieces. I couldn’t have done what you did, you are a star.
    I’m getting ready for Mondays Fabric Heart Workshop. Better get the cakes baked or my ladies will be disappointed.
    Love from the Holland Clan x x x

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