Colour therapy

Hello, I hope you’ve all been well. Life at the Witcombes has been hectic as normal. Alex as always the focus of the day! But I’m pleased to say that his garden furniture charity funds are growing at a steady pace, with much thanks to those of you who have donated after picking up one of my crochet goodies.


As you can see many smiley faces .

Also,  ( the craft group I attend)

Are having a table top sale at Canton library on the 12th of April in Cardiff to help with funds . Here is a selection of some of the items you might see there for sale.







If you want to pop in and meet us we shall be there from 10 am till 5pm. There will be craft demonstrations, jewelry making, knitting, decoupage and indeed crochet.

Besides the wooly side of things some of the girls are making cards, perfumes and offering different hand made items too. Proceeds are going to support Cancer and Autism charities.

Now my next post is going to concentrate on the ‘tricks ‘  of the trade… ie.. the wonderful things available to buy which can help you create crafts faster with a professional finish.. no its not cheating. Its called improvisation!


2 thoughts on “Colour therapy

  1. Best of luck to one and all for the craft fair next weekend 😀 Sounds like a fine way to spend a few hours browsing, buying and learning 😀 Have fun ❤ xx

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