Easy crafting

I’m all for making life easier and there’s nothing more satisfying than allowing your spontaneous thoughts spring from your hands with a little help!

The bunting above only took two hours to make thanks to hobbycraft stocking a new range of self adhesive felt sheets. All I had to do was cut the letters out and glue gun the flags to ribbon.. Ta da!!!

If I had to crochet this, I would have needed a week however Dylan is mad about Lego , so the thought of creating a bunting with his name in Lego font is sure to be we received .

As for the mouth, tongue and teeth of my minion he was the same… Why struggle in making crochet pieces which sometimes are hit and miss… Cute eh!


<a href="https://helencrochet1.fi

So don't feel that's it's cheating … Because your thoughts are unique … And if given the thought let it become reality without hesitation as to how long it might take! It's the act of creation that satisfies xxxx happy weekend


One thought on “Easy crafting

  1. Fabulous idea Helen 😀 The lego theme is very popular just now I think. I ordered himself a pair of Lego Crocs yesterday after he spotted them on an advert pop-up on FBook, lol 😀 They’re bright and cheery anyway.
    You are very clever to think of these ways to make crafting something not only quicker but still looking awesome 😀
    Love n Hugs xoxoxoxo

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