Happy new blogging

Hey, its that time of year where we make promises to make changes and hope that we can adhere to them. One thing for sure though, over the last two years, I have learned that often we are makers of our own destiny and can only by self admission accept that if we had taken the time to listen to our deeper voice, perhaps things could have been different… So ring in the changes of those things we can control, with the hope they supply us with huge non slip grab handles and let the devil take care of the things we can’t…… Death and taxes being the classic.


There is no need to explain much more than that and simply allow the pictures to do the talking for the last two years of my self absorbed absence and commence with covering all things crochet. 


There are also many other photos to add but I shall be posting up slowly to start as I get used to my new iPad and apps to boot! 


Best wishes to all my followers, here is hoping we can reconnect .. Email me at helencrochet1@gmail.com or leave a comment x


6 thoughts on “Happy new blogging

  1. Hi Helen! Such a long time since I heard from you …… I hope things are OK with you – this sounds a wee bit ominous? You have such a positive attitude that you just usually shine!

    Lots going on here in Ontario… we just got winter but I see that Wales and UK itself has had nasty weather this year!! This was a green Christmas for us and I was quite happy with it!

    We are pretty well considering we are aging as is natural.. hip replacement for Jack last year and one knee done for me some time ago with the second one due in July. We will be married 50 years this summer so the kids have in the planning.. a celebration!

    Glad to see you back here… I am slack at keeping up lately – my siblings (all in their 80’s) are slowly fading…. life sucks at times!! Then I look at our son and DIL, Daughter and grandchildren and thank God I am who I am ! 😉

    Sending a ton of love and hugs your way! xo JoAnn

  2. How lovely to see your blog pop up in my wordpress list 😀 Your photo collage is beautiful, containing some of your awesome makes and I look forward to seeing more of them appear 😀 Love you lots xxx

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