Hippos in the dark

As many of you know I love all of Heidi bears designs and if my pocket allows I love to try and make all which she makes available to purchase. Many of her patterns are for crochet. Part of her superb pattern packages include excellent tutorials and how to guides, either stitch by stitch and how you join as you go for her motifs. 

I’ve made so many african flower motifs, I can actually crochet them in the dark whilst watching TV. 

Here is small selection of her patterns I have completed in the past. I love them all so much, should you feel inspired to make one yourself then please click on to the link below…

Heidi bears designs http://heidibearscreative.blogspot.co.uk

At the moment I’m working on making a pink hippo for a good friend of mine. Not long to go on finishing the motifs and begin the process of joining together to make the hippo come to life. Aren’t these lovely colours! 


And finally, a small selection of mad facts about hippos which might amuse you.

Hippo milk is PINK

1 cup of hippo milk contains 500 calories 

Hippos give birth under water to protect the baby from falling….


Find more fun facts here     http://factslist.net/2013/01/why-hippos-milk-is-pink-10-random-facts-about-hippos


2 thoughts on “Hippos in the dark

  1. I can’t stop long as I’m falling about laughing at your wonderful hippo facts. Only you could come up with that lot hahahaha.
    I’m loving you know whose pink hippo. I’m very excited xxx

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