Cushions galore

I’ve been determined to fill my days with various tasks to keep my imagination flowing and my enthusiasm active. Many of my projects have been repeats and I got to a point where I didn’t feel I was learning any new skills.. I needed a challenge and so I decided to sew!

Norman needed a new bed, one which wouldn’t show his white shedding fur and something to snuggle into on these cold nights after a walk.. And besides something which could be cleaned easily. I think he seems happy enough don’t you. It’s made from an old sheeps skin scrap of fabric which was offered free in the recycle adverts along with some other remnants. So no expense spared.

Also there is a part of me that’s determined to ensure that I do not waste all the craft items I already have in stock. With the added time I have now with Alex not living at home anymore, I have the opportunity to explore my stash without interruptions or fear of any items being out on display as a potential hazard. It’s been wonderful to say the least. Christmas brought me some new technical gadgets to play with along with a passport to a whole new world via iPads and iPhones ..Here are more cushions made for you to see using fabric sample books scrap sewn together,  appliqués craft to design on bonda-web plus lots of patience and encouragement from all those around me. And don’t forget Pinterest for inspiration. 

This cushion is now finished but having made some more basic covers, I would love to see how far I can get with these new skills by adding more appliqué work to make them look even better! What do you think? 


One thought on “Cushions galore

  1. Oh Helen you really are talented, turning your hand to so many different things. Your cushions look great.
    That’s a lovely photo of Norman. He looks quite content on his new bed
    Lynn xxx

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