Blowing a Hoolie

There’s not much to do when the weather challenges you and indeed I’m not one for the ‘outdoor’ life, camping, caravans or glamping. I rather fancy it’s a way of holidaying for youngsters with young kids. My old bones and high standards of hygiene and love of good living has created an aversion to damp tents, shared showers, rain and club houses.

However, entertaining friends at home with good food, great TV and meeting up with long lost pals from the past have been on the agenda.. Besides my crafts. This is Merv, my friends new puppy French Bulldog who felt the cold. By chance we discovered that I had a spare remnant of Ted Baker fabric in my stash bag and thought it only fair to treat this designer dog to a designer coat to keep him warm. Isn’t he cute! He still needs to grow into it.

Another new interest of mine is pickling! All thanks to a neighbour who’s excellent pickles have left me with a desire to match if not better his fine sherry/Chardonnay vinegared onions. My attempts so far are shallots in balsamic vinegar spiced with chilli and black cardamoms.. Yummmmmyyyy. We have to leave them for a month so it looks like they are going to be treats for Easter. I’m wondering if I’m going to be able to wait that long!

The bright ruby red pots on the top is Chilli Jam a recipe by Nigella Lawson

Linked here..

 Another highlight of the week was a trip to Bristol to meet the team who organise and run a fantastic charity called Cerebra. Cerebra offices are based in Wales but also have offices and agents all around the country who help families of children with brain conditions ranging from autism, Down syndrome, epilepsy, cerebral palsy but to name a few conditions which fall under the charities cover. They offer a fantastic network of support, specialist bespoke equipment and respite services to those in need.

Their fantastic sponsors Clarke Willmott allowed them to use their rather plush offices set on the river bank in central Bristol for the meeting. I must admit with the views I could have easily been pulled up for not paying attention because I couldn’t resist watching the boats on the river.. And a beautiful day it was too.

And finally, my last post left you with my praise of Heidi bears patterns, so here is Gloria the happy hippo in her crate to be shipped out to her new owner.

Hippos make me so happy.

So with that I leave you all to have a great week, full of creativity, laughter and hopefully a little sunshine.

My next post should reveal some delights I picked up at Taurus Crafts in Lydney one afternoon… I think I might have a new obsession developing.


2 thoughts on “Blowing a Hoolie

  1. Is there no end to your talents missus. I’m mightily impressed with all your skills.
    Gloria is in a pretty bag now waiting to go to you know who haha. She’s lovely
    Lynn xx

  2. You always seem to stay super busy – can I have some of your enthusiasms and energies please? Lol 😀
    Looking forward to your next reveal 🙂 xox

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