Fab February

 February has always been a busy month in my house. Lots of birthdays, V Day and of course the recovery of money after Christmas makes it even more special.

This year however has been spectacular thanks to my friend’s generosity on my birthday, fantastic meals with the family and indeed days shared with my closest.

My craft and crochet as always in the background but this time surprisingly a little bit of knitting too… Socks!

I’ve had to frog these, as the final results were too big but I got to understand the anatomy of the sock, turning heels, making gussets and the Kitchener stitch thanks to a fantastic book I purchased on Amazon. How fantastic is the stripe matching too! That’s thanks to my mate June who kept me on track whilst I was making them, and poking me in the ribs each time I made a mistake. I learnt fast.

Socks I feel are going to become my new obsession. My guilty pleasure which I can display in public and share with you all without fear of  my efforts being futile or unappreciated. How blissful.


I can’t praise Ann Budd enough and although I got the size wrong, trying to adjust the trusted pattern to fit my weird feet was… My mistake.

I’ve frogged the project as I just love this yarn ( knit col) if anyone of you are interested.

I purchased it from a lovely lady in the wool shop at Taurus Crafts in Lydney.

That’s going to be another interesting post for you all to see soon, as they have a fantastic range of crafty shops which I guess might flourish best in the summer months. That’s when I’ll be taking photos to post for you all to see.

For now I shall leave you all with a small montage of pics covering the month so far and use this chance to thank all of you who have made it so special for me. I’m humbled and blessed to have so many beautiful people in my life.

And yes, we were there for the Welsh Open snooker tournament, and yes we’re there for Dings 147 and yes, I got a selfie with Mark Selby but I’m too embarrassed to show you on here … Hehehe

Take special are my friends xxxx


4 thoughts on “Fab February

  1. Hi Helen
    You are doing a fab job on them socks Mrs W and you deserve all your birthday treats dear lady. Enjoy it all
    Love Lynn xxx

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